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Back to school, back to school

2) forgot about this one: the “Flora” hat from Knitwits. I bought the pattern because I thought surely there must be some clever trick to knitting this hat. Nope. It is exactly what you think it is: lots and lots of casting on.

3) Then these poor socks. Neglected like the feet they are intended to warm (because my hands are always busy knitting,you see.)

4) Shown here blocking, this cardigan––affectionately known as Vogue 19––is now in the seaming stages.

5) A long ignored project from my Lion brand/don’t think for yourself days (which obviously ain’t over yet): the “Falling Leaves” blanket in Jiffy. (Jiffy is fine for blankets and scarves, but I would hesitate to recommend it for sweaters. You may cringe as you imagine why I consider that a necessary warning.) I need to figure out some sort of edging for this blanket, in part to compensate for the parallelogram “squares.” The pattern is for a full-sized blanket, but I shriek at the thought of making 48 more “squares” with this pattern and this yarn. Thus, a baby blanket (of which you are seeing half. It is much more squarish when not gracing my futon). It shall go to the first of two friends’ babies, neither of whom are pregnant.

I also cast on for Forecast. Can I get a “whoop, whoop” (or a life)?


Spring break sock challenge- 2007

I am not immune to the irony of the combination of “spring break” and woolen socks. It has been too warm to even wear my new Thermal sweater, it will be months before I can don the wool Vogue #19 cardigan (in the process of seaming as we speak!), and yet I proudly present sock #1:

and sock #2 (miles of leg to go):

I love these socks. I think I am an Eskimo.

Spring break sock challenge

Another gift card purchase from the Mercantile: Cider Moon superwash merino, 4 oz. in “Hot Flash.”

Spring break socks on the way, bay-bee!

That’s just the way it is

(I wish I could know if you hear that lyric in your head as Tupac or Bruce Hornsby.)

Either way, the way it is, is changes.

Since the last post, I’ve completed two sleeves and most of the fronts of the Vogue cardigan…with the homespun that I was so convinced would make a perfect Forecast.

And purchased enough maroon yarn for that sweater as well. (It is Wool-ease, but I enjoyed the yarn so much for my bro’s Christmas cardigan that, coupled with the whopping ten dollar price tag for the whole sweater’s worth, I caved. And bought another five skeins in a seafoamy green for Salina, which shocks me too.)

There are other things going on in this life besides knitting. Maybe…

…and in corner number 2…

There is Forecast. Then there is Vogue no. 19.

I am in the process of spinning this:

from this:

…which I think could be rilly rilly good for this cardigan. As I have not yet swatched, that is all in my head kind of good.

(By the way, you don’t know this about me yet, but I do like the swatch. The problem is, I don’t swatch “properly.” I did swatch properly––4×4 square, wash and block–– once, and it was fun. Most of the time I do an “on the needles” count, and then rip it out to preserve yarn. I do dream of having a full swatch of everything I knit, though. Wouldn’t that be the most amazing collection of handknits, a picture AND a swatch? Dreaming, again.)

That one skein (the yardage of which I neglected to write down, certain that I would remember it. Can’t I even remember that I tend to forget things like numbers and everything else??) is spun from another Great Lakes purchase. My mom saw it and loved all of the colors (because she = me) and bought me, what, 2 lbs or so. See? Fiber festivals can get to nonknitters too! I am quite spoiled by my love and my mom, and my in-laws too. It is funny though, on that subject, people have still not figured out that yes, all I really want on those obligatory gift-giving occassions (besides music and books about music, of course) is WOOL. Is this a world-wide problem, or just my inability to communicate what is really important in life?

Can’t c-c-can’t control my feet!

(For some reason, whenever I need to think of a title for anything I think of song lyrics, usually ones that don’t really apply to the situation at hand. If anything, I should be citing a band that goes by the name of my yarn color. But instead it is a weird little bit of techno that comes through every now and then.)

Now THIS, this is the kind of color that I dream about. (Incidentally, I don’t ever dream about knitting but spinning shows up now and then). Maroon. For a brief but happy time known as High School and most of College, my small wardrobe held an inordinate amount of maroon, to the point that I stopped buying maroon clothes. Now that my husband-induced clothing purge has left me with only a few articles from the mid-nineties, I find myself utterly lacking in maroon. This is a somewhat shocking discovery, to find one’s self without one’s signature color. What do I reach for when I need to feel good about myself?

Troubling, indeed.

Thus part of the motivation for picking up this Cider Moon roving in “Cherry Bomb” (the other part is that it was in my hands and I am weak). I think I’m going to make a hat. I’ll work a cable pattern that will go around the head, Kitchener it together to make a circle, and then pick up stitches and decrease for the top. I’ve done it before (maybe I can dig up the photos?) and really like the look.

I split the roving into lightish and darkish, and then made three singles: one all darkish, one alternating dark and lightish, and one all lightish. I can’t wait to see if it has subtle self-striping like I hoped it would.

Please don’t laugh right now if this is ridiculous beyond belief. It still makes sense in my head, and watching those plies plump whilst they hung in my bathtub was pleasure enough. Not that I watch yarn dry…

Thermal is done!

and I love it. What’s more, I loved every minute of making it. Loved the yarn, loved the pattern, love how fast it went as my reading knitting, in spite of the size 1 needles.

Dear love of my life,

I meant to have the dishwasher emptied by the time you got home, but (as I’m sure you’ve already noticed) I didn’t. I probably don’t need to tell you the reason, but it starts with an “n” and ends with a “otation” and is the reason I hate my life.

for Grandpa’s 80th birthday:

in all their unblocked glory:
Log Cabin socks from
Handknit Holidays
Plymouth “Encore” dk in color #194, 2 skeins
size 4 dpts.
mods: yarn substitution

My grandpa is turning 80 this week, and I’ve got to pop these in the mail to make sure they make it in time since I don’t get to go to the party. Grandpa made the mistake of saying he liked my socks and we all know that’s open season to a knitter (this is his third pair in about four months).I’m going to make the ladies size for my grandma in blue. They’ll be along at a later date… a much later date. Next: finishing cosmicpluto’s thermal, and maybe going back to the OSU socks I promised TMD I would make for him. After all, he did venture unescorted to the yarn store to procure the necessary Baby Ull.

Why I Love Knitblogs, part 5 million, 78:

Have you seen Carrieoke‘s Forecast?

Love Glamyre (have NOT yet seen Fitted Knits, to my shame and from what I’ve heard, great loss), but was not drawn to the Knitty pictures in any way. Bobbles = no love. I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do about it, it is what it is. Convince me otherwise, please.

Loved Carolyn‘s version (April 7, 2006 post), but still not enough to make it. Then I saw Carrieoke’s in-progress. It took me a minute to figure out what attracted me to her version. No bobbles? Major score. But the real love deepening every minute in my heart was for the sleeve modifications. Extending the ribbing to the elbow is a masterful touch.

I have some Coopworth, or something I am choosing to believe is Coopworth, that my mother-in-law bought for me. I think someone told her that greasy scratchy things are easier for beginning spinners (not my experience at all, now that I know how heavenly things like silk, merino, and even a slippery merino & tencel blend can be). The resulting yarn is uneven, more worsted than anything, and I had planned to make a bomber jacket/sweater kind of thing, with ribbing on the bottom and a standupish sort of collar.

Enter Carrioke and her Forecast. My first thought was that it would be THE new maroon jacket that I would wear all the time, but the ton of bricks landed and now I can only see it in my home(ly)spun.

Besides, I can always buy maroon yarn and make another one…

PS In case you wondered? Why I Love Knitblogs #1: the Harlot. How does she manage to be so durn delightful every day???

PPS Is it weird to link to people that I don’t really know? Although I’ve been reading, I haven’t really spoken very much in the blog world until now, and I’m not really sure about the proper netiquette for these things.

PPPS Why yes, my conversation in “real life” generally consists of more asides than actual straightforward remarks. Why do you ask?