Why I Love Knitblogs, part 5 million, 78:

Have you seen Carrieoke‘s Forecast?

Love Glamyre (have NOT yet seen Fitted Knits, to my shame and from what I’ve heard, great loss), but was not drawn to the Knitty pictures in any way. Bobbles = no love. I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do about it, it is what it is. Convince me otherwise, please.

Loved Carolyn‘s version (April 7, 2006 post), but still not enough to make it. Then I saw Carrieoke’s in-progress. It took me a minute to figure out what attracted me to her version. No bobbles? Major score. But the real love deepening every minute in my heart was for the sleeve modifications. Extending the ribbing to the elbow is a masterful touch.

I have some Coopworth, or something I am choosing to believe is Coopworth, that my mother-in-law bought for me. I think someone told her that greasy scratchy things are easier for beginning spinners (not my experience at all, now that I know how heavenly things like silk, merino, and even a slippery merino & tencel blend can be). The resulting yarn is uneven, more worsted than anything, and I had planned to make a bomber jacket/sweater kind of thing, with ribbing on the bottom and a standupish sort of collar.

Enter Carrioke and her Forecast. My first thought was that it would be THE new maroon jacket that I would wear all the time, but the ton of bricks landed and now I can only see it in my home(ly)spun.

Besides, I can always buy maroon yarn and make another one…

PS In case you wondered? Why I Love Knitblogs #1: the Harlot. How does she manage to be so durn delightful every day???

PPS Is it weird to link to people that I don’t really know? Although I’ve been reading, I haven’t really spoken very much in the blog world until now, and I’m not really sure about the proper netiquette for these things.

PPPS Why yes, my conversation in “real life” generally consists of more asides than actual straightforward remarks. Why do you ask?


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  1. Ohio State MD 2009 on

    Your real-life conversation is full of bobbles. I am full of SunChips. Jack Bauer will make sure you care.

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