Me? Meme?

1) I have eaten oatmeal and brown sugar almost every morning for the past four years.

2) I read knitting blogs for almost a year before finally jumping in and getting my own. I was convinced that there had to be some dark underbelly to all of these people posting pretty pictures of yarn, it couldn’t be that good!

3) In spite of #2, I only discovered Bloglines…last week. I’m hooked. (I thought it was some magic thing you did if you already had a blog.)

4) I hate blowdryers. There is no logic for this, I just do. Consequently I have gone to church with wet hair for the past twenty years.

5) I love to organize. I have been known to rearrange all the furniture in a room, and then put it right back to where it was before just because I am troubled about something and feel the need to exert some degree of control over some small part of my life. If I could be on one of those reorganizing HGTV shows, I would. Except my solution for everything wouldn’t be colored photo boxes.

6) I quit piano lessons in eighth grade (like everyone else in the world) because I thought it was too expensive for something that was “just for fun.” Then I majored in piano performance, and am now in hot pursuit (that’s a joke) of a PhD in musicology. Perhaps I should have saved this one for a “Define Irony” meme.

7) I had no trouble whatsoever thinking of seven weird things, even though I am a very boring person. My husband would relish this kind of opportunity to catalogue my strangeness so I didn’t even ask him.

Tagging: Well, who out there is weird??? Consider yourself tagged!

(PS Thanks Specs!)

And for the fun of it, this is my newest sock doing its best to bring some life into the dull, sterile, cold, library. Fight the good fight, little sock. Color your world.


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