Monkey see, monkey do

And today’s Jaywalking report: heel and gusset complete. Foot today, toe tomorrow, Monkeys on Monday!


Now, what’s up next? I have seen too many beautiful monkey socks to resist their siren wail. I have three potential yarns and I can’t decide which one would be the best monkey. Help! Especially all you experienced Monkey-makers, which one would be best?

Cherry Tree Hill sock superwash. This was my yarn capture from New York last summer from Seaport Yarns, a crazy place if there ever was one. Another potential pattern for this one is Minty’s Leyburn.

Another Cherry Tree Hill, on an amazing sale at a cute LYS. A different potential pattern: Spunky’s Pulsations.

Lorna’s laces in Tuscany, from the same LYS sale.






2 comments so far

  1. julieanne on

    Woo! It’s time for me to stalk you now! All your projects look great!

  2. sulafaye on

    Thanks Jules! Now, what’s your vote???

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