jaywalkers- the third

are complete! This represents a real triumph for me. These socks have been on the needles for about ten months (except for a few months when I swiped the needles out of them to use for other socks). The story goes something like this. There will be no test–even I’m a little fuzzy on some of the details.

How to Jaywalk, in 18 easy steps!

1) 40% off sock yarn. (This part of the story is rather self-explanatory.)

2) Said sale sock skein is SOS stash for summer visit to the in-laws’ as, you know, that extra bit of yarn tucked away just in case something happens to the five other projects in the three days of vacation.

3) Emergency! The family I married into loves to shop! Days and days of van riding and (gasp! the horrors) mall browsing: I cast on for a plain vanilla sock, but realize a few inches in that the stripes would be perfect for the ubiquitous Jaywalkers.

4) Rip.

5) Perform two amazing knitting feats: first, remembering and executing a tubular cast on while wandering the aisles of a B**ks a M*llion (side note: their knitting section is weak). Second, remembering the Jaywalker pattern, which is really not so amazing considering I’d knit two other pairs in the past three months and it is fairly easy to recall.

6) Realize through trial and error of half-remembered pattern that I need 76 sts., not the 72 sts. that I cast on.

7) Rip.

8.) Tubular cast on 72 sts. Realize the redundant mistake at the end of the ribbing (in my defense, I was wandering around a book store through all of this, and engaging in occasional small talk).

9) Increase 4 sts.

10) Work to heel.

11) In the midst of a needle emergency, take these 0’s for another sock and throw the unfinished J’walker into a drawer.

12) (Much later) Rescue, start knitting foot.

13) Get to toe decreases, realize that when I re-started, I didn’t finish the gusset and the sock is now a perfect size for a swollen foot. Decide against injuring foot to be able to wear socks.

14) Rip.

15) Finish sock #1, start sock #2.

16) Socks languish, needles magically are swiped again.

17) Start blog. Cringe every time I see “Jaywalker 3” on the WIPs page.

18) Second sock finished in about four days.

picture is blurry because they went so fast!




Grumperina’s “Jaywalkers”
Needles: size 0, gray

Yarn: Filatura Cervinia “Forever Jacquard,” color 100




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  1. Jennifer L on

    Hi – Lovely socks! I saw your name on the CiderMoon blog as Sulafaye. I had to contact you because I am a Faye too – Jennifer Faye. And Sula MT is one of my favorite places! Well, that is all! And I love the colors of your blog. Nice work!

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