Textured “tunic”

(First a note: please excuse the stash flashing of late, attribute it to the glut of papers I am currently engaged in writing and grading. Not the same set of papers, unfortunately. Fear not: I do have a new project or two to derail actual progress on the several others already underway!)


We now resume our regularly scheduled knitting content. This post has actually been sitting for about a week, and the sweater for almost three. Obviously I’m not too excited about it, but I am a little excited about it. My Forecast just set the bar too high ETA: Well, gosh! Maybe I need to get over myself a bit. Thanks, guys!


By now Stephanie Japel’s “Textured tunic with side buttons” is probably a familiar sight. I’ve seen a few gorgeous ones myself. But somehow, it didn’t work for me. I’ve decided that, contrary to current fashion (hmm, not the first time I’ve said that), I’m just not tunic shaped. Or, well, you know what I mean.

I actually suspected that going into this project–I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse–and that’s one reason I used rather inexpensive yarn (Patons Shetland Chunky, if you were interested. $16, total. It is an ok acrylic, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it again). I also knit the bottom with just vents the first time. Then I saw the aforementioned good lookin’ tunics and thought I’d give it a go too. Just to let you know the extent to which it did not “go,” I ripped before I even took a picture. The final version involved increases as per the pattern instructions for the back on both front and back, and then I sewed the resulting tabs shut and added the buttons. Sneaky, I know.

You may also notice that I don’t have the cool open-shoulder thing going either. I figure, I’ll have enough strap issues with the boatneck. I told DH that with the holes at the hips, I didn’t want to go overboard on the s*x appeal. :p Riiiiight.






You get these pictures because I was talking the entire time DH was shooting…


6 comments so far

  1. Kara on

    I think it turned out lovely, actually. You look darling! I think it is definitely a knit you could be excited over.

    PS – Love the photo shoot!

  2. Erin on

    I think you are crazy (in the nicest possible way)–it is a beautiful tunic that looks great on you. I really think so.

  3. Leah on

    I think it looks lovely on you!! It’s a really nice color and the fit looks spot on!!

  4. julieanne on

    I like the tunic too! I have not decided yet what I should knit for the surprise. I haven’t had to do many baby knits yet, and the ones I’ve done have just been a hat/booties set. I might ask around when I’m at the store on Thursday. If you have any cute patterns that you’re knitting for another baby but don’t want to re-knit, let me know. =)
    And I did manage to find a suit, after looking for most of the day. It was way more than I would’ve liked to spend, but it was either that or nothing.

  5. margene on

    Beautiful!! Nice work, very nice color and fit!

  6. Nubiancraftster on

    OMG that is such a beautiful sweater. That was the exact reason i bought Fitted Knits. Your’s is the best I have seen yet. Got to move the further up the list.

    I am so glad you found me, so that I could find you blog in return. It is greeeeeat!

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