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This one’s for my brother…

Who is really a very cool person (in the real sense of the word cool, not just my generic everyday use) that just can’t wrap his head around the idea of his blogging sister who knits socks.

So now I knit dishrags too. Diggs, eat your heart out!

specs: 4 complete dishrags–pictures lie, you know–from the Mason Dixon ball band recipe. Size 5 needles, Lily cotton. For my mom and grandma.



Other summer fun: I’ve decided to undertake the big ball o’ fiber (these pictures together = the big ball o’ fiber. See here for original size. Oh, and the original plan for it which has long since been abandoned). I divided it into these little handfuls and am slowly working my way along to about a 2-ply worstedish weight. I’ve added a skein count in the sidebar for my own amusement. Don’t hold your breath, especially since I’m expecting a package from Abby!



And did you notice anything new in these pictures? Don’t be alarmed if you didn’t, the Knitpicks Options blend in so naturally with their surroundings of yarn. I’m a spoiled spoiled knitter, but I have to say I love these needles with a love that is usually reserved for Cider Moon colorways.




My love affair with alpaca- a story in pictures

…and some sheep for good measure!

(left: alpacas I happened upon at random–at my best friend’s wedding! right: visiting a local alpaca farm. Too excited to take good pictures.)

Mom and me leaving the Great Lakes Fiber Show 2006 with the haul (and random guy in red shirt who looks like he isn’t having nearly as much fun as we are.)


Washed & waiting. Really, if I could wear it just like this I would. It is so so soft and fluffy! I had no idea what I was doing (that sentence is misleading–it implies past tense).


First hank, posed with more fluff waiting to be carded. Not my best spinning effort, but the squish factor makes up for it! Can’t wait to get into this project again!

It may well appear…

…that I am living with an undiagnosed case of extreme startitis (in layman’s terms, inflammation of the WIP pile). I do feel compelled, however, to put these vicious suspicions to rest and explain the madness to my method.

Exhibit A: I reorganized my little stash the other day and I have less yarn than I thought I did! Weird. (Sock yarn, as always, does not count.)

Exhibit B: I was in possession of a gift card to my LYS from a student’s mother (“A” for the day, if I gave grades!). I don’t have to tell you all the danger of LYS-gift-card moths which pose a morbid threat to LYS gift cards held past a week, so I did my duty and dispensed of it as quickly as possible. I also succumbed to that other dreaded fear, that of not having the Perfect Bag for some occasion, and used said gift card to buy yarn for the Doctor’s Bag (the link is to a really cute one from a fellow Amy Butler fan!) from Knit 2 Together.

looks like lungs!

single strand- GAUGE! … with yarn doubled as per pattern- HUGE!

Exhibit C: In a few weeks, I shall embark upon a road trip with the in-laws to watch a baseball game. I enjoy my family and a good exhibition of America’s ex-favorite pastime (especially Triple-A: Go Clippers!), but my fiber-filled skull cannot quite comprehend the baseball game roadtrip–I’m going to sit in the car for 3+ hours so I can go sit in a stadium for 3+ hours, and when that’s over, then I’ll sit in a car for 3+ hours.* But I participate in said sitting because the DH family is Sporty, and I am Arty, and thus the Weird One. 😉 And of course, because the trip yields at least 6+ hours of knitting (not counting trips to the concession stands, America’s real favorite pastime). For this endeavor, I plan to work on a plain pair of socks, and Orangina–both chosen because they are rather small and require limited involvement of the gray matter. Thus I need to cast on for Orangina, except I can’t because my needle is in…

Exhibit D: The Interweave Trellis pattern looks beautiful whenever I see it completed, but I’ll be honest, of the FO’s that I’ve seen I really like a DK or fingering weight version better. So now my Knit picks Alpaca Cloud will now be Icarus. In about 600 years.

Exhibit E: And that leads to the new and improved Trellis! Great yarn (Elann baby silk in oxblood), and the pattern is intuitive and fun. Can’t stop!

Exhibit F: The article about taking care of feet really hit close to home. My grandmother has been a diabetic for almost my whole life, and the only socks I’ve ever made her are cotton and patterned, apparently two no-no’s. I happened to be in Hobby Lobby and found this really soft acrylic, which I hope is white enough to meet grandma’s white-sock-only requirements. Besides, I had empty double-point sock needles, and that is entirely unacceptable.

And picked up a skein in a color I liked, just in case it worked out ok after all.

Exhibit F: My mom asked for dishrags, the Mason-Dixon book was in at the library, I know the voice of divine inspiration when I hear it.

Exhibit G: I am in denial of an undiagnosed case of extreme startitis.

*I am certain of the riding and not driving because anytime we go anywhere with my in-laws and I happen to make the error of driving, my FIL kindly takes the seat directly behind me so that I might better hear his dramatic inhalations as I continually put his life, the lives of his family, and his van at risk.


Let the records show that I love these socks! They fit great, really really great. Nona is a mathematical and pattern writing genius! I’m even considering using this toe again, and then maybe picking up stitches for the foot (Just a thought, the pu line would probably be uncomfortable, but let’s ride the wave of enthusiasm a bit longer, shall we?).

Specs- Nona’s Sidewinders: A PerpenSOCKular pattern in Knitpicks “Simple Stripes” with a size 0 needle. No modifications!

My lighting was pretty bad tonight, but the socks were done and I just had to show you. Since the socks are almost clown-scary bright, I thought the pictures should have a bit of a creepy funhouse element to them. Enjoy!


Hollyhocks and Monkey socks

Newly-transplanted and already-blooming hollyhocks are enriching my gardens this morning (thanks Mom!).


Another crop for the year was entirely unintentional. Some spry (and I suspect furry) little thief took off with my baby tomato plants a few weeks ago. I found out a few days ago, however, that he did not steal but traded. In their place he planted…a peanut, which is growing rapidly. Just call me Jimmy!







Other finds for the day include…

Louet “Northern Lights” roving in Toffee and Thunderstorms. Pretty fiber turns me into a little girl.



I spun an experimental few yards, and though I’ve been away for my wheel for quite some time, it still ne’er fails to please!

Isn’t it fantastic when your snacks match your socks?


A Day Late, and we won’t talk about the Dollars

Yesterday in my first-official-day-of-summer-break hysteria I made a list of things that I could potentially take on, since I was no longer hampered by Responsibility. As the day went on, however, I thought well why not? What else have I got to do? So here is the result:

“I had to stop the Zokni socks just shy of grafting last night. It looks like today is officially Grafting Day, so might as well get on that project too.”

Here they are!

“And winding yarn to maybe start an Icarus shawl.”


“And decide if I like the MIL socks.”

Answer: don’t! Finally after many potential patterns, I settled on my own. I originally wanted to go plain, then opted for Jaywalkers (under the influence of affiknitty. Everything she touches is gold–just look at these!), then moved on to the Hello Yarn Cable Twist socks. I tried to convince myself that I liked them, but really there were too many elements: vertical ribbing, horizontal bands of color, and the broken diagonal of the cable. See, it even mocks me photographically:

They are muuuuch better now, but I’ll save the progress shots. This yarn is too pretty!

(Notice the distinct resmblance to an image I posted several weeks ago. Sigh.)







“And finish my tweed cotton U neck.”

Nope, not going to happen. Still waiting patiently for some love. Have I even blogged about this one yet??

“And spin.”

I DID spin

around in my desk chair.

I just didn’t take a picture.

“And swatch for Orangina.”

Any experienced Orangina-ers out there want to weigh in? With the slubs and varying texture, it will be a bit different, but I have to admit I’m a bit smitten.

“And cast on for the second sidewinder.”

Nothing like doing the bare minimum!

“And swatch for another cotton tank.”


“And start another sock.”

Why? why? why? is this on the list? There is no logical reason to CO another sock with the above and many more projects awaiting my attention. My habit of hyperbole is a real burden sometimes.

Mintyfresh’s “Leyburns”: nascent Leyburns and after a chat with my MIL

“And work on my Monkey socks.”

I really did do this. I’m down to the heel on the first sock. I thought a picture would be a little unnecessary given the space Monkey invasion we are currently experiencing.

I also organized all of my patterns, and threw out a bunch from the prehistoric days of knitting when the Lion Brand yarns & website were all I knew. They have some good things, but let’s let bygones be bygones. And I read a book (The Thirteenth Tale. Fun).

Man, I am a taskmaster. Maybe I should be thankful I’m going back to school next week.

(After a moment’s reflection): Nope.

Side view

specs: pattern–Sidewinders from Nonaknits ; yarn: Knitpicks Simple Stripes in “yes, they really are that bright” (joking); needles: size 0.

I’m really enjoying these––making and wearing––although I admit the top-down view is a bit freaky. I selected self-striping yarn just to really push the sideways issue, and the effect is akin to that of childhood snowboots. You know the kind? Think Ralphie (who looks just like my brother did as a child!).

I had to stop the Zokni socks just shy of grafting last night. It looks like today is officially Grafting Day, so might as well get on that project too. And winding yarn to maybe start an Icarus shawl. And decide if I like the MIL socks. And finish my tweed cotton U neck. And spin. And swatch for Orangina. And cast on for the second sidewinder. And swatch for another cotton tank. And start another sock. And work on my Monkey socks.

Gee whiz, I love summer!


No post for almost week and all you get are these lousy WIPs??

What a neglectful blogger I am. Has nothing to do with Ravelry. Nope, nothing. Or the fact that I had a mad dash to the end of school, some fun fun times planting and transplanting, or the piano recital my students gave at my house today. Nope, I’m just lazy.

Does this look familar to anyone else? I’m on Act IV of Nona’s Sidewinders pattern. I highly recommend it, lots of fun! I chose a yarn that, in addition to screaming “summertime!” at the top of its lungs, will really show off the construction with its self-striping.

These Zokni socks totally defy photographic capture. And completion. The day is drawing nigh, however, when these winding leaves will grace my feet…

Once I looked up from grading and grading, I realized I had a baby shower to attend. I met lots of great people and enjoyed myself to the utmost, and here’s what I made on Friday to take to the shower on Saturday:

Specs: Lionbrand Wool Ease, another one of those not-patterns on size 5 needles. Lots of fun, and I think it turned out well.

(And look at the size of that Lamb’s ear–yes, the vest is small but that plant is HUGE!)

R U Sidewinding?

I iz, perpenSOCKular style!

Extreme computer cam closeup of extremely hued Knitpicks Simple Stripes! Waaah!

(that was a Wayne’s World extreme closeup “Waaah” in case you missed it. I kind of hope you did.)

(I don’t know if the above foray into nontraditional English is because I’ve spent way too much time grading essays or way too much time laughing at LOL cats. Anyone else share my newest giggles? I think you have to look at about twenty of them before you start to see the patterns of thought and get the humor. I think it is getting late, and DH is getting up at 4 am. I think I’m in trouble.)

DIY is just how I roll

A sudden and very welcome storm.


Pines, cornfields, and empty roads mean I must have been at my parents’ house in the midwest for the weekend.

And what was I doing there? Getting a new side view mirror, after mine got whacked off in an unfortunate incident involving my driveway, the neighbor’s fence…and me in the passenger seat (minor accidents such as this one are always much funnier from that angle than the driver’s). It took all three of us (mom, dad, me) to de- and re-assemble the door to get this thing working, and there were a few Red Green moments (can you believe I just linked to that? Me neither), but now I can change lanes with confidence once more.









What is really strange about these pictures (and interesting to no one except me, sorry!) is that I’ve always thought I had my dad’s hands, but here Mom’s hands are on the left, and mine on the right. Strangely similar! The only way I knew they weren’t my hands after much debate and scrupulous picture inspection was because of her wedding ring (And I took the picture, but who thinks of small details like that?).



Knitting! There was knitting!

S’mores socks on Saturday afternoon and Monday night (they were done on Sunday, actually, but who’s counting?)

(specs: Trekking #163. Size 0 needles. 68 sts with Wendy’s toe up pattern mashup- old short row toe & new heel. 2 x 2 ribbing up the leg. )

And he loves ’em. What good taste my man has! And what good timing I have, to accidentally finish them just in time to be stuffed with Sm*rties for his birthday.*

*note: the picture is feet-filled socks, not candy-filled socks, which looked a little strange and took lots of effort for said candy extraction.