R U Sidewinding?

I iz, perpenSOCKular style!

Extreme computer cam closeup of extremely hued Knitpicks Simple Stripes! Waaah!

(that was a Wayne’s World extreme closeup “Waaah” in case you missed it. I kind of hope you did.)

(I don’t know if the above foray into nontraditional English is because I’ve spent way too much time grading essays or way too much time laughing at LOL cats. Anyone else share my newest giggles? I think you have to look at about twenty of them before you start to see the patterns of thought and get the humor. I think it is getting late, and DH is getting up at 4 am. I think I’m in trouble.)


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  1. julieanne on

    I have also recently discovered the lolcats, the lolrus, etc. If I get bored, I go through the archives. Sometimes they make me laugh out loud, and Riley gives me the, “Um, you’re a crazy woman” look. =)

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