No post for almost week and all you get are these lousy WIPs??

What a neglectful blogger I am. Has nothing to do with Ravelry. Nope, nothing. Or the fact that I had a mad dash to the end of school, some fun fun times planting and transplanting, or the piano recital my students gave at my house today. Nope, I’m just lazy.

Does this look familar to anyone else? I’m on Act IV of Nona’s Sidewinders pattern. I highly recommend it, lots of fun! I chose a yarn that, in addition to screaming “summertime!” at the top of its lungs, will really show off the construction with its self-striping.

These Zokni socks totally defy photographic capture. And completion. The day is drawing nigh, however, when these winding leaves will grace my feet…

Once I looked up from grading and grading, I realized I had a baby shower to attend. I met lots of great people and enjoyed myself to the utmost, and here’s what I made on Friday to take to the shower on Saturday:

Specs: Lionbrand Wool Ease, another one of those not-patterns on size 5 needles. Lots of fun, and I think it turned out well.

(And look at the size of that Lamb’s ear–yes, the vest is small but that plant is HUGE!)


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  1. Leah on

    Cute, cute, cute!!! It’s so easy to be neglectful at the beginning of summer! It happens to me too!

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