A Day Late, and we won’t talk about the Dollars

Yesterday in my first-official-day-of-summer-break hysteria I made a list of things that I could potentially take on, since I was no longer hampered by Responsibility. As the day went on, however, I thought well why not? What else have I got to do? So here is the result:

“I had to stop the Zokni socks just shy of grafting last night. It looks like today is officially Grafting Day, so might as well get on that project too.”

Here they are!

“And winding yarn to maybe start an Icarus shawl.”


“And decide if I like the MIL socks.”

Answer: don’t! Finally after many potential patterns, I settled on my own. I originally wanted to go plain, then opted for Jaywalkers (under the influence of affiknitty. Everything she touches is gold–just look at these!), then moved on to the Hello Yarn Cable Twist socks. I tried to convince myself that I liked them, but really there were too many elements: vertical ribbing, horizontal bands of color, and the broken diagonal of the cable. See, it even mocks me photographically:

They are muuuuch better now, but I’ll save the progress shots. This yarn is too pretty!

(Notice the distinct resmblance to an image I posted several weeks ago. Sigh.)







“And finish my tweed cotton U neck.”

Nope, not going to happen. Still waiting patiently for some love. Have I even blogged about this one yet??

“And spin.”

I DID spin

around in my desk chair.

I just didn’t take a picture.

“And swatch for Orangina.”

Any experienced Orangina-ers out there want to weigh in? With the slubs and varying texture, it will be a bit different, but I have to admit I’m a bit smitten.

“And cast on for the second sidewinder.”

Nothing like doing the bare minimum!

“And swatch for another cotton tank.”


“And start another sock.”

Why? why? why? is this on the list? There is no logical reason to CO another sock with the above and many more projects awaiting my attention. My habit of hyperbole is a real burden sometimes.

Mintyfresh’s “Leyburns”: nascent Leyburns and after a chat with my MIL

“And work on my Monkey socks.”

I really did do this. I’m down to the heel on the first sock. I thought a picture would be a little unnecessary given the space Monkey invasion we are currently experiencing.

I also organized all of my patterns, and threw out a bunch from the prehistoric days of knitting when the Lion Brand yarns & website were all I knew. They have some good things, but let’s let bygones be bygones. And I read a book (The Thirteenth Tale. Fun).

Man, I am a taskmaster. Maybe I should be thankful I’m going back to school next week.

(After a moment’s reflection): Nope.


5 comments so far

  1. laura on

    You are so sweet! Thanks for the compliment! 🙂

    Lately, all I want to do is start things. I have four different socks on the needles and I am seriously considering this Sidewinder thing.

  2. Erin on

    I love the new socks. Leyburns? Is that the pattern name?

  3. Leah on

    Whoa!!! This is almost too much goodness to handle! 😉

  4. Risa on

    Ooh, the Thirteenth Tale. FUN!
    I really like your Orangina swatch 🙂 It looks different from all the others I’ve seen. Which, with such a popular pattern, I would say is a good thing!

  5. kara on

    I am overwhelmed by all the fab projects. So fun!

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