It may well appear…

…that I am living with an undiagnosed case of extreme startitis (in layman’s terms, inflammation of the WIP pile). I do feel compelled, however, to put these vicious suspicions to rest and explain the madness to my method.

Exhibit A: I reorganized my little stash the other day and I have less yarn than I thought I did! Weird. (Sock yarn, as always, does not count.)

Exhibit B: I was in possession of a gift card to my LYS from a student’s mother (“A” for the day, if I gave grades!). I don’t have to tell you all the danger of LYS-gift-card moths which pose a morbid threat to LYS gift cards held past a week, so I did my duty and dispensed of it as quickly as possible. I also succumbed to that other dreaded fear, that of not having the Perfect Bag for some occasion, and used said gift card to buy yarn for the Doctor’s Bag (the link is to a really cute one from a fellow Amy Butler fan!) from Knit 2 Together.

looks like lungs!

single strand- GAUGE! … with yarn doubled as per pattern- HUGE!

Exhibit C: In a few weeks, I shall embark upon a road trip with the in-laws to watch a baseball game. I enjoy my family and a good exhibition of America’s ex-favorite pastime (especially Triple-A: Go Clippers!), but my fiber-filled skull cannot quite comprehend the baseball game roadtrip–I’m going to sit in the car for 3+ hours so I can go sit in a stadium for 3+ hours, and when that’s over, then I’ll sit in a car for 3+ hours.* But I participate in said sitting because the DH family is Sporty, and I am Arty, and thus the Weird One. 😉 And of course, because the trip yields at least 6+ hours of knitting (not counting trips to the concession stands, America’s real favorite pastime). For this endeavor, I plan to work on a plain pair of socks, and Orangina–both chosen because they are rather small and require limited involvement of the gray matter. Thus I need to cast on for Orangina, except I can’t because my needle is in…

Exhibit D: The Interweave Trellis pattern looks beautiful whenever I see it completed, but I’ll be honest, of the FO’s that I’ve seen I really like a DK or fingering weight version better. So now my Knit picks Alpaca Cloud will now be Icarus. In about 600 years.

Exhibit E: And that leads to the new and improved Trellis! Great yarn (Elann baby silk in oxblood), and the pattern is intuitive and fun. Can’t stop!

Exhibit F: The article about taking care of feet really hit close to home. My grandmother has been a diabetic for almost my whole life, and the only socks I’ve ever made her are cotton and patterned, apparently two no-no’s. I happened to be in Hobby Lobby and found this really soft acrylic, which I hope is white enough to meet grandma’s white-sock-only requirements. Besides, I had empty double-point sock needles, and that is entirely unacceptable.

And picked up a skein in a color I liked, just in case it worked out ok after all.

Exhibit F: My mom asked for dishrags, the Mason-Dixon book was in at the library, I know the voice of divine inspiration when I hear it.

Exhibit G: I am in denial of an undiagnosed case of extreme startitis.

*I am certain of the riding and not driving because anytime we go anywhere with my in-laws and I happen to make the error of driving, my FIL kindly takes the seat directly behind me so that I might better hear his dramatic inhalations as I continually put his life, the lives of his family, and his van at risk.


4 comments so far

  1. Nubiancraftster on

    Wow, that is some knitting line up! I really like the color of your future Doctor’s Bag and the Trellis is going to look beautiful. Can’t wait to see them both!

  2. kara on

    Oh, i have not seen the doctor’s bag before. I think I am in love. So cute!

    Your other projects are looking great. Lots of fun distractions for you!

  3. Dear Husband on

    Yes o yes — my new favorite site! Too bad all my doctoring tools would tear up a bag such as this when used as its name implies …

  4. Leah on

    I love that Doctor’s bag!!

    You have so many great projects, I don’t look at is as startitis as much as “something to suit every mood”!!! 😉

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