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Swirl socks for Mom and MIL…and you?

I made socks! I really like them! I wrote down how I did it in case you like them too Click for a PDF of Revised Swirl socks instructions!

ETA: Check out my “patterns” page for a revised version with a smaller file size and instructions for using the gusset and heel!! I’m very grateful to Wendy of Wendyknits for giving me permission to post the numbers for using her toe-up gussets & heels with the Swirl socks!

Enough with the exclamation points already, but you have to understand that this is not the kind of thing I do every day. I do tend to “make up” a lot of my knitting, but generally it is on the fly and rarely do I take notes. Even more rare is the effort of making those notes legible to others. Please let me know if you try it, you like it, or if I can improve it in any way!

This all came about when my Cider Moon ladies had two colorways in Glacier that were perfect for my mom and my MIL, both of whom have summer birthdays. The yarn is so beautiful (and so squishy), but you may recall that I just couldn’t settle on the perfect pattern to show off the DK weight and rich colors with some pizzazz. With these swirls, the colors get showcased but don’t detract from the beauties of the simple stockinette.
The “pattern” is really more like a stitch pattern–as far as heels and toes go, I usually just do whatever Wendy does, and didn’t feel right simply rehashing her instructions so I didn’t include any. I did do the heel decreases with k2tog and ssp instead of ssk and p2tog on the Apple Crisp sock (below), but that’s just personal preference. Short row toes & heels are always winners, and there are several other toe-up variations out there (widdershins, maia’s version, Miriam’s advice), or you can check out other socks on Cider Moon’s website for guidance. Oh, and also in case you are interested, here’s my new favorite toe-up cast on: Judy’s knotless magic cast on.

specs: Cider Moon “Glacier” in Pistachio (above) and Apple Crisp (below); size 2 and size 1 needles