Love = leyburns


Finished Leyburns! Lovelovelove!




specs: pattern- Leyburn socks from mintyfresh, needles- size 0 K’picks, yarn- Cherry Tree Hill potluck “Earth”- my NYC souvenir from last summer. Mods: I skipped the increases after the short row heel and they fit great!


love that texture!


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  1. kara on

    Oh my goodness, those are darling. The yarn is perfect for that pattern. The colors just seem to pop.

    Why do you keep knitting such cute socks?! You are on a roll!

  2. julieanne on

    Those are now on my to knit list. Oh, and btw, you (meaning Ohio State) totally stole my (meaning Vanderbilt) chancellor! =P

  3. k on

    wow, those turned out great. i am also knitting the leyburns, in cherry tree hill too, as a matter of fact, but got frustrated with a glitch partway through. your beautiful socks are inspiring me to finish though!

  4. Mintyfresh on

    Like I said on Ravelry, you are the first official finisher!! I’m so happy you love them–and that they required such minimal modification to fit you perfectly.

  5. yarnzombie on

    Those are awesome! Mintyfresh, that’s a great sock pattern!

  6. Leah on

    OK, I am behind in blogland but I love your finished Leyburns! Beautiful!

    Beyond that I am totally smitten with your pattern! I think I may have the perfect yarn in stash to make a pair!

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