For the first time ever, I’m in the in-crowd

Or maybe not. Perhaps the knitting world has gone all Postal Service on me and now all the cool kids are looking down their collective nose at my monkey socks.

Oh well.

Great socks, fun & easy to memorize pattern. I like the fit–loose enough that the pattern can have some texture–and that the Lorna’s didn’t pool nearly as bad as it did on my Potawhatsits.

specs: Pattern- Cookie A’s Monkey socks, yarn- Lorna’s Laces in Tuscany, needles- size 0, of course!


monkey socks

monkey socks


PS In the interest of full disclosure, I only knit the ankle socks from Monday’s post in the past few weeks. The other pairs I knit last summer, and just was showing them because I wanted to contrast the bad cotton-y pattern-ness to the soft & smooth new socks. And because I like them, and you like pictures.


7 comments so far

  1. Zarah on

    Beautiful! I’m knitting a pair in Lorna’s right now too, and I really like how the colors are NOT pooling!

  2. Nubiancraftster on

    ooohhh wow those are nice. I really love the color!! I am glad LL didn’t get all poolly on you cause those look great.

  3. Leah on

    Your still a cool kid! It’s the summer of the monkey I say! I loved knitting mine & plan on another pair in the future so if you aren’t cool, neither am I!!!

    Yours look fantastic!

  4. k on

    Nice! I really like the colours of the yarn. I haven’t tried Monkeys yet but I don’t know why – every pair I see look great, and yours are no exception.

  5. yarnzombie on

    Awesome socks. I love patterns that show off variegated yarns. That colorway from Lorna’s Laces is scrumptious!

  6. Lauren on

    These are lovely! The monkey pattern works really well. I did a pair of plain stockinette socks in the Tuscany colorway and I haven’t been very happy with them. Now you’ve made me think about ripping them and reknitting the yarn into monkeys. Seriously. Great work here.

  7. kara on

    Those are pretty darn fab. Totally loving them.

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