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a display of group effort (and a little diva ‘tude, sorry about that)

A few weeks ago, I happened to mention in an email to Knitspot Anne that I loved her Japanese Feather Stole and that I was trying very hard to resist its siren call because I really didn’t have time to knit it. She countered (very politely, I might add) that it was a simple lace pattern in fingering weight yarn and basically I didn’t have a leg to stand on. And part of the pattern sales go to charity.

Then I went in a flying trip to my LYS in a desperate search for yarn. It was a new experience for me. Usually I know what I want when I go in (or just buy sock yarn), but my dress and I had a great time combing the store for potential yarns (shout out to Barb, not only made it lots of fun, but also braved the bling aisle and was wholly in agreement that the $30 yarn looked just as good as the $60 yarn!).

All I have to say is thank goodness for enablers.

japanese feather stole

What do you mean, you don’t come here for my diva ‘tude?

japanese feather stole

I feel very very wrong cropping my husband out of pictures. But alas, I didn’t want anything to distract from the stole, and he did look very very cute in his top hat & tux!

japanese feather stole

specs: pattern- knitspot’s Japanese feather stole; yarn- 2 sk. Twisted Sisters Zazu in Charcoal; needles- K’picks options size 5

Just how much did I love knitting and wearing this stole? Well, I’ve since cast on for the scarf version with some merino-tencel handspun!