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Like other two-timers that we know and love, I also have a lust in my heart for more than knitting. I’m still very much in the learning process, and besides the many wonderful things I pick up from many of my fellow spinbloggers, my belief in regard to the acquisition of this skill is quite old school: practice makes perfect!

(of course it really doesn’t hurt that “practicing” begins with buying beautiful hand-dyed fibers and such, and ends in unique and thrilling yarn…)

My big summer spinning project: almost 2 lbs. of a mystery merino blend that I’ve mentioned a few times here and there. The subtleties of the colors in the chunky 2 ply are hard to portray photographically, but I’m pleased. Its destiny (at this moment) is the Diagonal Twist Princess Seam Jacket, from Loop-d-Loop. Can it really be true that only one other person has made this jacket? My gauge seems to be just a bit off, but the pattern is just a bit big so it could be good. I’ll let you know when I actually swatch…

pile o' handspun



Something I’ve noticed about spinning is that it can be so exciting when I’m not exactly sure what the finished yarn will look like. This is a 2-ply superwash, for socks. I noticed that the thicker spots are where the color is the most intense, also where I had the most trouble drafting. I wonder if the dye made that much of a difference on the fiber. See? Learning!

sock yarn

gourd-eous yarn (sorry, had to do it!)

This one is just a totally for fun: my first Falkland (got a great woolly feel to it) and my first navajo ply. Can I just say that this technique is absolutely addicting? I got up this morning and could not stop thinking about how much fun it is to ply with chained singles.

So I made this.

navajo plied

Don’t be impressed, really it is just this big:

penny for your skein?

Just a sample because I had to finish some homework. This is from a Louet pencil roving, and to be honest the color runs are really not long enough to justify a navajo ply, but it was fun! I spun as thin as I dared to get the most color, and the teeny swatch tells the rest of the story.

Toffee swatch

I love it. Wish I could spin all day, but I can’t and the backdrop for these photos is the reason why. Any other Vergil fans out there?


3 comments so far

  1. gerald on

    I really do like your skeins of the “mystery merino.” The colors are quite nice and should go nicely with your selected pattern. I have not knit anything from Loop-d-loop but enjoy looking at the book. Did you hear the Stash and Burn podcast about books? They talked about Loop-d-loop.

    I have yet to grab hold of my interest in spinning. I would love to see some of your yarn. Bring some to knitters mercantile. I might be there to enjoy it!

  2. Risa on

    All these knitters who spin! You’re driving me toward the abyss…
    Ooh Vergil! Brings back memories of college. Good luck!

  3. Erin on

    That is the cutest little skein of handspun ever. Love it.

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