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I tend to be more on the self-conscious side of the spectrum (which can, at times, lead to an extraordinarily loud internal monologue), and thus when I encounter an opinion that is drastically different from my own my first instinct is usually to question myself. Such a reaction, I’ve learned, can be dangerous, but as I become more and more aware of it, I learn to use it to my advantage.

That said, it always surprises me when someone does have a bad reaction to something that I am very fond of–the knit/blog community for example. To combat this negativity, I am going to show you pictures of cute cats and handspun yarn and finished socks. Don’t worry, I am careful when wielding such powerful weapons.


Vince in a box
Yarnzombie said it best: what’s more fun than a cat in a box??

Vada sleeps

…maybe a cat sleeping?

Harry's spindle

This handmade travel spindle was a gift from a classmate whose wife is an accomplished spinner and weaver. Actually, you might recognize her. She is absolutely delightful, I promise! I am touched and delighted at the gift. It reclines oh-so-gracefully in my bowl-o’-homespun for the photo, but I’m sure will go with me many places. Anyone else think it is easier to spin extremely fine on a spindle?


DH Aslan socks

DH Aslan socks


DH socks- Lorna’s in Aslan on size 0, basically Wendy’s toe-ups with gussets. I was very happy with how little pooling there was, just a bit about the ankle, as shown in the second picture.



deluge blues

blue deluge- a study


Finally, more experimental handspun. These are both domestic wool in Deluge from Abby’s Yarns. You can probably tell just by looking that I’m still experimenting with the navajo ply. I wanted to experiment with the perfect ply, especially give the poof factor of this yarn, so I overplied the top yarn and underplied the bottom yarn. Then I decided that the underplied yarn was ugly, so I felted it a bit and I’m more happy with the filling out it did after the abuse. A bit rugged, I’d say. I’m anxious to swatch these up and see what kind of differences there are in the knitted fabric. Spinning could seriously take over my life.



so earnest

Have you ever seen such an earnest face? aka, the Ravelry trance



7 comments so far

  1. carla on

    Very pretty handspun! I can’t convince myself to put down the needles long enough to give it a try, but I’m always fascinated at what others can do.

  2. laura on

    Holy crap, that’s a cute cat.

    Someday we gotta get together so you can teach me how to spindle spin. And spin fine stuff on a spindle. Although at this rate, I should be happy to produce anything remotely yarn-like on a spindle.

  3. julieanne on

    Cute kitties! You don’t happen to have any plans to head down my way, do ya? We need to party (aka buy yarn and eat chocolate).

  4. kara on

    Some people just don’t get it, do they? Oh well, we know we are cool! 😉

    The yarn is fab and the kitties are adorable. Life is good.

  5. margene on

    Spinning can take over your life…but nothing wrong with that! The spindle is very pretty and you NP yarn looks good. I can see there would be a place for both the soft and the harder twist.

  6. Jodi on

    Oh, the Ravelry trance. I know that look well! What a cute kitty.

  7. Pen on

    Beautiful yarns _and_ beautiful cats!

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