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Finally, pictures!

An evening spent with family and friends…a touch of chill in the air (just enough to justify a sweater)…a golden sweater for golden days.



many great details, like vents at the wrists




You would have done it too, right?

Place: the yarn store

Me: holding a gift certificate

Anticipating: a fall wedding, with a dress begging for a beautiful stole

Then can someone tell me why I came away with varigated fingering weight yarn??? Yarn that recommends dry cleaning, no less?? Why, why, why????

Oh, that’s right. I can’t resist beautiful handpainted yarn.




Phew, glad we got that one cleared up!

ETA: What’s on the needles? Still swatching! Any suggestions for a rectangular wrap with c.70o of fingering weight handpainted yarn would be appreciated. In my state of desperation I might just end up doing…clapotis!

Anyone settle for another Calorimetry??

It looks exactly like the other one!

I’m here to confess. You all were right on the money with your guesses, and I have nothing to show (besides the aforementioned calorimetry, which I didn’t even take a picture of because it is identical to the other one! Blame the OSU/N’western blowout for that knitting triumph). I think Alpaca Twill will never leave my life. Whereas before it was the collar that dominated my knitting time, now I just keep thinking, “make it longer! Longer!” I’ve stopped twice already–once at jacket length and once at mid thigh–and now I’m headed for just above the knees. Then I have to seam it. This could get ugly.
As always, I hope y’all are aware that it is your responsibility to tell me if I’m crazy!

And because this post is boring and has NO FO and NO pictures, here’s a link to a simply gorgeous FO, redesigned by someone who can obviously make up her mind!!

And they came two by two

Everything that I’m working on right now (I mean for real working on, not the swatches and such) is in 2 x 2 ribbing! Can you tell what they are??? No Ravelry cheating!

A) The easy one, your hint is a side view!



B) Today I went…[name of this design]. Oh, and the distinctive bottom is found on many of the sweaters of this designer’s book, if that helps! I’ve made two of her designs this year that used a similar technique. (Bonus hint- my real first name starts with what letter that is also in the title of this project?)


C) This is the toughie. You just get the texture, a 2 x 2 rib offset by a stitch each row. Here’s the clue: As far as the internet can tell me (google & Ravelry), no one has made this pattern yet. I came into contact with it through a “big name” blogger who swatched for it fairly recently, and then decided that her yarn wouldn’t work. My yarn choice of 100% wool isn’t what is recommended either. The recommended yarn is given, along with a name for the texture, in this pattern’s title. It is from a magazine, and the Berocco designer says she was going after a “classic silhouette” in this coat.




 Thanks for playing!

Where do I go from here?

First and foremost, I feel obligated to clarify something: I’m not really as fast as my Road to Golden makes me sound. There are a couple of factors to keep in mind…

1) my narrowish upper half. I eliminated the underarm gussets entirely (sooo glad knit pants haven’t really made a big splash or I’d be in big trouble)

2) an addicting fair isle pattern

3) really really loose knitting: I don’t even tension my yarn

4) worsted weight yarn

5) the Knitpicks chart keeper I finally broke down and bought (just to get the free shipping, of course). Love it for travel knitting! And have you seen their new needles? I rarely or never knit with wooden needles, but I bet these are good. In any case, I’m always a sucker for ingenuity. And good customer service–when the tip pulled off one of my size 3 fixed circs doing the RTG sleeve, they sent me another one free of charge, no questions asked. In other words, I’m a huge fan. Glad I’m not the only one. MTOW, could you actually convert me to wooden needles??? Maybe if I get the sock set for Christmas (why yes, DH does read this blog. Why do you ask?)

6) the Road to West Virginia!

But before Road to Golden there was Kathy Zimmerman’s Notting Hill Vest. I’ll be perfectly honest, DH and I should probably figure out alternative photo shoot strategies. When we finally get around to them, we usually don’t get down to business but have a little too much fun. That’s what I’m telling myself to justify the fact that I can’t take a decent picture of my beautiful DH or his beautiful sweater vest (that I am going to block an inch longer). Scenery provided by just one of my mom’s gorgeous gardens.

notting hill vest

notting hill vest

notting hill vest







I believe this is what’s called “working it”




I’ve started another pattern, that has found me in various stages of fits and giggles. Here is when I decided not to work on the sleeve anymore.


I think I’ve finally solved a few problems, so hopefully a post will be forthcoming! School starts this week, so maybe look for it around…next June.

silk garden scarf

silk garden scarf

I’ve received a few queries about the silk garden scarf I made last spring, so here are the instructions in pattern form. If you know feather & fan, you know this scarf–silk garden scarf (pdf file)

silk garden scarf

silk garden scarf

Just a stop in the road

Road to Golden

I’m so excited about this one you get the computer cam, fresh-off-the-needles shot! (See the need for blocking as my hem attempts to take flight?) I cast on a week ago Saturday and finished this morning. And that includes knitting the yoke three times. This sweater will always bring to mind our recent sojourn to West Virginia, and DH’s relief on seeing the finished product as he confessed his fear that the colors were a seventies nightmare trumped only by my aunt & uncle’s green, orange, and brown bathroom! I think it worked out ok in the end!

Specs: pattern- “Road to Golden” by Lisa Shroyer, Knitscene Fall 2007; yarn- Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Snickerdoodle, Daffodil, Spruce, Avacado, Thyme, and Blue Ink; needles- K’picks Options & fixed circs in sizes 3 and 4.