Anyone settle for another Calorimetry??

It looks exactly like the other one!

I’m here to confess. You all were right on the money with your guesses, and I have nothing to show (besides the aforementioned calorimetry, which I didn’t even take a picture of because it is identical to the other one! Blame the OSU/N’western blowout for that knitting triumph). I think Alpaca Twill will never leave my life. Whereas before it was the collar that dominated my knitting time, now I just keep thinking, “make it longer! Longer!” I’ve stopped twice already–once at jacket length and once at mid thigh–and now I’m headed for just above the knees. Then I have to seam it. This could get ugly.
As always, I hope y’all are aware that it is your responsibility to tell me if I’m crazy!

And because this post is boring and has NO FO and NO pictures, here’s a link to a simply gorgeous FO, redesigned by someone who can obviously make up her mind!!


4 comments so far

  1. carla on

    I know what you mean about wanting to keep going. I may be over my knee-high obsession for now, but I keep wanting to knit sweater coats. EZ’s Aran Coat. My Fashionable Life’s Flicca. The only thing that is keeping me from casting on is the fact that I already have a Hex Coat on the needles. You’ll know when to stop. Mid-calf?

    Just kidding.

  2. Stella on

    Yep, you’re crazy. But good-crazy, and I can’t wait to see the results of your insanity.

  3. Leah on

    Knee length? I haven’t seen the original pattern so I’ll have to google to find it and then imagine it knee length! 😉

  4. octopusknits on

    Wow! I think just above the knees sounds like a great length – any longer and you’ll be “crazy” ; )

    I love that sweater you link to, too — such cool cables!

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