Finally, pictures!

An evening spent with family and friends…a touch of chill in the air (just enough to justify a sweater)…a golden sweater for golden days.



many great details, like vents at the wrists




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  1. Jodi on

    It’s absolutely beautiful. The color combination works so well, and the photography is marvelous. Looks like the perfect knit for fall!

  2. octopusknits on

    Love he photos – that is seriously gorgeous on you!

  3. julieanne on

    Have I mentioned lately that I hate you? Cause I so do. (in the “omg you’re so skinny and you knit an amazing sweater and you totally need to move back to Nashville cause I miss you lots” kinda way) =)

  4. Erin on

    It is totally gorgeous. The fit is perfect! You look great in it too.

  5. Frank the Reindeer on

    Pretty much amazingly beautiful. I wish I had the confidence to undertake a project like that.

  6. laura on

    Wow. It’s beautiful! Yay for sweater weather!

  7. Julie on

    Lovely! What a great job and a nice fit – you should be happy!

  8. sarah lou on

    that is so very beautiful. 🙂 great knit!

  9. Julie on

    It looks stunning, and what a great fit! I love that green-blue colourwork!

  10. Elli on

    hello, lovely!

  11. kara on

    Yay! It is even more gorgey outside. I love it. I looks amazing on you.

  12. Kristi aka Fiber Fool on


  13. k on

    wow, is it possible i love this sweater even more than the first time you posted a pic? sooooo nice. crap, that’s another one added to my ravelry queue.

  14. lekkercraft on

    I’m glad to see the extra photos – absolutely stunning! I’m so impressed with the fit and all the pretty little details.

  15. Tamara on

    Sula, it is wonderful!! Your colors are so pretty. You look gorgeous in it too, and somebody has a nice yard! Okay, as soon as I finish my Tangled Yoke, my Road to Golden is totally NEXT. But now I wish I was using blues & greens, ha!

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