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This is a hat


This is a hat.


This is the yarn that I couldn’t stop knitting so I made a hat.
This is the yarn that I had to buy to replace the yarn that I couldn’t stop knitting so I made a hat even though it was supposed to be mittens for someone.

'nother hat
This is the hat that was already on the needles for a year that didn’t get done because of the yarn that I couldn’t stop knitting so I made a hat even though it was supposed to be mittens for someone.
This is my nose in the hat that I made because of the yarn I couldn’t stop knitting even though it was supposed to be mittens for someone and I already had a year-old not-done hat.
This is a hat. And that is that.

PS And this is a cat.


Two sweets and two scaries

I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons I love this whole blogging thing is that I can be nice, all the time, if I want to. I’m sure many of you are also in work/school/life situations where, due to a tremendous amount of pressure to take yourself and everyone else seriously, there isn’t a lot of kindness floating around. I really appreciate this opportunity to *not* be taken seriously, but even moreso to be first and foremost kind (or as I just mistyped, knid.)! Thanks to all of you!

Sweet #1: Thanks s’much to More than One Way for always Making my Day, and for even considering that I might make hers! It’s probably against the rules to re-gift the nomination back to her, but man does she ever deserve it.

The rules : “Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.”

And even though I just did a link fest, I think I’ll take the excuse to do it again. Please pardon the repeats, but I have to say that you all really do make my day in no small manner (in no particular order, of course).

  1. West Coast Creative- stunning, stunning pictures!
  2. Between Stupid & Clever – of course muuuuuch more on the clever side, and fun music too
  3. Girl Who Knits – make sure to check out the Oreo bon bon recipe
  4. Knitting Lemonade- ooo, you must go see her today. SO funny!
  5. Knitspot – Inspiration, thy name is Ann. And she’s from Canton, near where I grew up.
  6. Pepperknit- creative knits & patterns, plus she actually finished a great Shocking! skirt
  7. TeamKnit- have I made a “put me in, coach?” joke yet??
  8. Octopus Knits- check out the Tilted Duster. Best I’ve seen!
  9. Peacock Chic- what more can I say? She inspired me to redo my office. Again.
  10. Yarnzombie- currently celebrating my new favorite holiday. Or wait, I mean, the holiday I currently feel the most conflicted about on the inside

Sweet #2: A few days ago as I was walking out of a choir rehearsal an alto I’d not yet met came up to me to say, “Excuse me, but I just have to know where you shop. Your sweaters are just fantastic!” I, having worn my Hourglass, Road to Golden, and Thermal that week, was just stunned enough to squeak out something about how sorry I was that I was a knitter. Day made? Check!

Scary #1: I fell to the lure of JoAnn 40% off coupons. I am weak, and every so often I hoard coupons and stock up on some cheap yarn for really cheap. Usually I’m pretty happy with my purchases. Usually I have a very high acrylic tolerance, in fact I even like it sometimes, but this yarn compelled me go through my stash and put a bunch of old acrylic yarn into a bag for charity (but was it really charity? No, it was a totally selfish action, so I’d appreciate it if you think worse of me for it. Thanks).

So I give you the progress thus far: one skein and FOUR KNOTS down, we have the beginning of Lady Eleanor. The backstory behind this pattern in the Scarf Style book is that one could imagine one’s self wrapped in the luxurious Lady E heading across the moor for a secret tryst or something like that. If I were to apply that analogy to the current situation, I really hate to think where I, with my fifteen dollars of wormy yarn, would be headed. (Fret not: coming soon to a frequently lonely blog near you–the JoAnn coupon success story).



Scary #2: Scene- inside my head as I gather my things for school, wondering why I’m once again packing knitting even though I know I won’t have any time or place to do it. The answer (also in my head) comes easily enough to be downright frightening: I need a project because I could get a lot of knitting time in…just in case I’m ever in a hostage situation. (???!?!? Perhaps I should start a “This is your brain… This is your brain on yarn!” campaign!)

Now this is freaky

Maybe not so much for you, but for me (and I’m guessing DH), this is pretty durn freaky.

the baby poncho I made FOR A FRIEND
Now, chill’uns, let’s hear the story before we judge.
            In late November, a good friend and colleague of mine casually mentioned a need for a poncho that would fit over her bouncing babe in her baby carrier, the kind that can go on the front or the back. She’d found a few (pricey!) options in online stores, but me being me, I knew we could improve the general concept. I have an aversion to ponchos–drafty, and of limited access to arms, a fact that seems especially inconvenient for mothers)–and an aversion to shapeless and ugly garments, however functional.
           I’d seen a poncho-ish sweater on the bias before (it’s here if you are interested), and since I’m fond of bias knitting and in this case I felt it would be both stretchy and yet slimming, I decided that’s what I needed to do (NOTE: I’ve been on the Ravelry forums enough to know that taking inspiration from a pattern and not buying it will tick some people off. For me, it’s the same as adding a lace panel to a basic sock pattern and calling it new. The idea is so brilliantly simple, that I have no qualms admitting I took inspiration & nothing else. I totally give props to the designer for her originality! Oh, and for the no purling thing. Still don’t quite get how she accomplished that, although I did change a lot about the pattern.).
            So the above shot is the sweater in full-baby mode, frontways (I still can’t quite wrap my head around wearing your baby like a backpack, but my friend assures me it’s quite comfortable), and here is how it will look sans progeny. I’ve got a couple of closure options, but the recipient will decide exactly what she wants, so that’s why I’m holding it shut in this picture. I voted for a “baby on board” sign. I lost.
            It was lots of fun to collaborate on a project: I sent her links to various online & local vendors for yarn choices, and she made the decisions and came up with the colors (K’picks WotA in bare and Wine, plus Twirl in rust). I have to say that it looks not so good on me, but my friend actually does have pigment in her skin and very dark hair, and the colors look good on her. Plus it fits her muuuuch better. That being said, as much as I enjoyed it, at times it was very stressful, knowing that she’d invested a bunch of money in my skillz. She’s had it on, however, and she loves it, her formerly dubious husband was much impressed, and… she wants to learn to knit! Happy ending!

baby carrier poncho for A
in spite of the good foot & a half of ease on me, it’s stylin’, eh?

And finally, I hope you all had a wonderful looooong weekend! We did.

ETA: PS– Hmm, I may be headed to the realm of rant a bit in this post. Forgive me if my words are ill chosen, and as always thought though seldom expressed please feel free to kindly express a different opinion. I actually tend to enjoy divergent opinions, thoughtfully spoken and with the intent of enriching someone else’s world. I am very sensitive to the issue that as a “hobbyist” things look a bit different than from the professional angle.
PPS Hobby. Hobbyhobbyhobbyhobbyhobbyhobbyhobbyhobbyhobby. Weird word. (Talk about enriching, eh?)

Inspiration, via you…

You know, so many of you have been so dulgarned uplifting lately, I thought that since I’ve made no such positive changes in my life (besides rearranging my office, but that is too frequent to be celebrated) my New Year’s contribution would be to bask in yours!! Just in case anyone else could use a dose of downright inspiration…

The old is gone, the new has come!

Such thought and care goes into everything she touches, including her very blog name.

Perhaps some tea with your lemonade?

Talk about making a change. I can’t WAIT to read the words that come out of this adventure!

Two heads are better than one??

I have to say that not only do these ladies continue to make beautiful things, they are entirely gracious and make everything they do look like so much fun.

Are there any more frontiers to conquer? Send her!

Plus she got the same spinning wheel that I have! And has already mastered it, apparently. Teach me!!

the Zombie’s cool newest project

It’s like she said, my cool craftiness overfloweth to the point that it needs its own blog!

the cultivator of the fabulous herself

Who has exhibited grace and class in everything she’s done this year.

ETA: And how could I forget this inspiration? My MIL has had her first sock languishing at the heel for over a year now, uncertain of where to go next. On New Year’s Day we sat down and I showed her how to do the heel and the gusset, wrote instructions for the toe, and found a YouTube video showing how to graft the toe. After a few phone calls for reassurance, yesterday evening she emailed me to say the sock was complete, and that she was very excited to move on to number 2! I didn’t tell her about SSS...

Ok, and here is my contribution to this world of goodness, just because organization makes me giddy:

have you tried the Google notebook???

And finally, lest you think my narcissism is fading in 2008, here are my final FO of 2007 and the first FO of 2008: appropriately enough more socks for Grandpa (the last ones got rave reviews, so why mess with success?) and fingerless mitts from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for Grandma (in Patons Classic merino, love this “Paprika” colorway! It matches the calorimetry I made for her in December).

Grandma & Grandpa's January bit of fun

Grandma & Grandpa's January bit of fun

Grandma & Grandpa's January bit of fun

(I’m hoping that showing the left hand holding the socks will make you unaware that the right hand is busy taking the picture. Of course that is logical, after all isn’t there an advertising principle that moving food is more appetizing than not moving food? Same thing, totally. See, first it is just a mitt, then it is a mitt holding socks. You don’t even miss the other hand, do you?)