How to care for your DH in the off-season*




It’s simple, really:

1) Make him socks (but then don’t undo all the good you’ve done by waking him up to model said socks “for the blog.” Learn from my mistakes).

2) Make him pie.


I love apple pie, and this is quite possibly the most amazing pie I’ve ever had.
(Homemade crust, of course, and drizzled with a sugary concoction instead of the usual cinnamon fare. It is good enough to take one’s breath away. Dangerous, I suppose, when one’s mouth is full of delicious steaming hot pie).

3) Squeal with glee when he’s already one-upped you with tickets to see The Cleveland Orchestra for your birthday (and gave ’em to you a week early)!!!!! Mahler, Das Lied von der Erde!!!! We may not do Valentine’s, but we shur-as-shootin’ do live good.

*designated hitter, or, of course, dear husband.


8 comments so far

  1. carla on

    The socks and the pie look great, but I’m drooling over the yellow kettle. So cute!

    Happy upcoming birthday!

  2. Kara on

    Cute socks, pie and surprise!

  3. Shawna on

    ooh! i love apple pie:o) it looks yummy.

  4. yarnzombie on

    Those socks are fantastic! And pie = love. Mmm, cinnamonny pie goo…

  5. Julie on

    The socks are great, and that apple pie looks delicious! Funnily enough, I just made an apple pie last night, myself!

  6. Octopus Knits on

    The socks are great – what’s he doing sleeping when you want to take pictures, anyway? : )

    OMG that pie looks so good! (and enjoy the orchestra)

  7. Leah on

    Nice socks.

    It may be mightnight here but I feel the uncontrolable urge for pie. YUM!

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