I need 20 g of CC, STAT!

DH is the one with the know-how, but I find that, should the need arise, I am quite capable of slicing and dicing.


Both patients prepped on the operating table.Β  Handspun yarn means I love every stitch, in part because of its unpredictability. “Unpredictability” is also a euphemism for not having enough yarn.


(I apologize for the graphic nature of this picture.)

The original toe is removed. The next step is implantation of the Louet Gems Pearl implant.


Recovery bay. Looking a bit pale, but we are optimistically hoping for regaining full range of motion.


And we have success! How appropriate that this sock, having triumphed over so much adversity already in its short life, blends in so well with its peer. The wounds have healed, and even though the procedure required permanent stitches (ha ha ha!), this young buck will go on to grace the feet of another fine surgeon for years to come.



The end!


14 comments so far

  1. gerald on

    very nicely done! These are great. What a great way to treat your handspun! With love!

  2. lufah1 on

    Nice save! I’ve never know anyone else to run out… *ducks*


  3. Peacock Chic on

    Wow move over ER and Grey’s Anatomy, cause Dr. Sulala is in the house! The drama was building and I had to cover the needle points on my own knitting so it wouldn’t drop a stitch and run from the carnage, but we both knew the socks were in good hands.

    Another knitted life saved. Good job!

  4. carla on

    Nice save! The blue is the perfect contrast.

  5. Sourire11 on

    Nice surgeory! The new sock is really beautiful.

  6. Em on

    “permanent stitches” – LOL!

    Great socks! Hooray for using handspun!

  7. oboegoddess on

    What a brave girl you are! Looks like it was worth it.. super cute and funky socks. Hooray!

  8. Stella on

    Okay, I take it all back about you sharing my brain because I probably would not have managed such a procedure with nearly as much grace and aplomb. πŸ™‚

  9. Jacki on

    Awesome socks! Do they get bedrest and ice cream during their recovery? πŸ™‚

  10. Bria on

    You’re too much…

  11. Jen on

    Beautiful! Let’s hope there’s no problems down the road with organ rejection.

  12. k on

    what a happy result – nothing wrong with a little transplant now and again. i’m so excited for my own spinning lesson in less than a month – but not sure if i’m ready for that sort of “unpredictability”. you are obviously a pro!

  13. DH on

    I am quitting medicine. Your transplant skills cannot be matched. I’ll just stay home and watch ‘The Office’ all day. But you still have to make me great socks. πŸ˜‰

  14. girlwhoknits on

    Nice job on the surgery! Sometimes we need to see the graphic truth about such things.

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