I saw, I sought, I sewed.

Friday I had a moment of weakness at Joann’s and ALMOST bought fabric to make Amy Butler’s Frenchy Bag (the pattern for which I’ve had since the moment I laid eyes on these–careful folks, she’s dangerous!). Then in an unexpected moment of maturity I walked away without that fabric, but not without feeling just a bit sorry for myself. Once home, however, I got to digging in the fabric stash, such as it is, and realized that if I raided some unused cotton duck and the leftovers from the SAMDSE*, with a little creativity I could have my Frenchy bag for the mere cost of the magnetic snap!
I can’t believe how much fun I had cutting and sewing this bag. My stitching is not straight, especially on the multiple passes, but I am so inordinately proud of myself for making this work that I don’t care. (I also made curtains that aren’t much to look at but do sufficiently darken the bedroom, a project I’d been stalled on for a few months. Can I just say that clip-on curtain rings have revolutionized my world?)

what a great “work” station for a Sunday afternoon

pattern: Amy Butler Frenchy shoulder bag
exterior fabric: Amy Butler’s Lotus “Faded China” collection
lining: cotton duck

inside- two pockets, improvised trim with scraps on cotton duck.


*Second Annual Mother/Daughter Sewing Extravaganza: My mom is great at sewing, very creative and efficient, so a few years ago we had the First Annual Mother/Daughter Sewing Extravaganza (why, no, I don’t have a flair for the dramatic, why do you ask?) and made Amy Butler’s Weekender Bag. We both had so much fun that last year–SAMDSE–we made Amy Butler robes & matching pajama pants. Mine were from this fabric.

Now it’s my turn to pick out a pattern again this year, and I don’t know what to suggest. Please leave me a pattern idea, if you have one. I was thinking a Denyse Schmidt quilt, maybe this one (Drunk love–if you like quilts and assymetry, I suggest you check it out)? Looks like straight sewing isn’t hip anymore anyway. I knew it!

PS Your regularly scheduled knitting content will resume shortly. Can you believe I’m four FO’s and many, many cute cat pics behind??

13 comments so far

  1. yarnzombie on

    Your bag looks all professional and such! I agree, I love the clip-on curtain rings, too. And magnetic snaps, for that matter. Technology, it makes the mind boggle!

  2. carla on

    Great bag — I love the fabric!

  3. Bria on

    So, could I convince you to create a whole new look for me? Sweater, socks, skirt, cute bag, the works! 🙂 I look at what you accomplish while you’re in school and think that perhaps TV-watching isn’t as much of a skill as I thought it was.

  4. peacockchic on

    Wow wee zowie. Lovin’ the color combo of your Frenchy. I have that stripe fabric too!

    Any wait a minute…were you at my house sewing because that station looks a lot like mine….just cleaner :O) oh wait, I just all crafting work stations are on the dining room table.

    Thanks for the shout out too!

  5. Julie on

    Lovely bag! Now I have to break out my sewing machine…

    did you buy your pattern locally? I want it today!

  6. Specs on

    Very cute!

    And sewing isn’t hip anymore? That’s probably because I just bought my first sewing book and ordered some fabric.

  7. Stella on

    I love that bag! And I am totally not making this up: I have a baby sized version of drunk love planned for sometime this summer, as one of my best friends is due in the fall.

  8. Octopus Knits on

    Great bag – and socks, and shocking skirt (even though it is acrylic), and Lady Eleanor… I’m sure I’ve forgotten something!

  9. Julie on

    Ooh, that bag is awesome!! Love the fabric combo, that worked out brilliantly! Great job.

  10. Ronni on

    Your bag is gorgeous. I had to head out and look at Amy Butler patterns right away.

  11. Dyan on

    Hey Gert, Your bag is really great! After seeing it now can’t wait to see what you come up with for the TAMDSE. Would love to make the quilt. Maybe will use my leftovers from the SAMDSE to have me one of those too! This is great fun – a whole new world!

  12. yoel on

    The fabric for the bag is beautiful!

  13. thepinkededge on

    Love the fabric combo on the bag…. for a pattern idea, how about the Multi-Tasker Tote or Socialite dress from Anna Marai Horner?

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