It’s red, it’s warm, what’s not to love?

Let’s see, I had a few unclaimed skeins of red Homespun (the Lion Brand sort), a living room in need of a little voom (the va-va sort), and a lot of reading to do (the for-school-but-still-good sort). By now surely you’ve recognized the recipe for a new blanket in my house.
firewood blanket
I give you the “Firewood” blanket. The name is from a saying of my dad’s, that says firewood keeps you warm twice: once when you cut it, and once when you burn it. And since I knit this blanket in one piece, I was warmed by the process as well as the product (note: I did not and do not plan to burn this, let’s not take our metaphors too seriously!).

blanket in progress

Homespun is a good blanket yarn, or so say the cats. I agree, but like so many other yarns it can go limp and lifeless when knit in one big piece. This blanket counteracts that tendency by the many bound-off edges and a deep rib pattern. My goal was that it would have some presence even when casually tossed on the couch.

firewood blanket
But then again, the kittehs of the house prefer a more stylized look (can you believe this? I promise I had no part in arranging this except laying the blanket on the floor and then walking away to get my camera.  Any suggestions for what statement they are trying to make?).

firewood blanket

And for the music lovers in our midst, especially those of an indie rock persuasion, have you seen the CD cover meme yet? Fun times.


12 comments so far

  1. Jill B. on

    The blanket looks great! I should give Homespun another look. I also kind of think we have identical cats.

  2. Leah on

    The blanket looks so nice & cozy! I think the naming was perfect!

    I love the last photo with the cats. They are lined up so perfectly in a row!!!

    The CD cover meme….. super cool! Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. k on

    Looks great – very Project Spectrum-y. I also love the name – and can see your kitties will be getting lots of enjoyment from it (the blanket, probably they don’t care about the name).

  4. Doulton on

    Oh, how I love the pictures of you and your cats. Very nice. Blankets and cats! What’s not to love!

    Great looking trio, the blanket and the cats.

  5. Doulton on

    This is probably bad etiquette, but I’ve tagged you in my last post.

  6. Octopus Knits on

    Great idea for a blanket (and great name)! It looks so bright and cozy. Hee, hee… if I put knitted items on the floor (or couch, or bed) my furballs often come running, but that’s sure a nice alignment of kittehs!

  7. peacockchic on

    wow that blanket sure does bring energy into the room and all those deep ribs make it look so smooshy.

    Great job!

  8. carla on

    I love it! One of these days I’m going to have the patience to knit a blanket.

  9. Stella on

    I just love that saying of your dad’s. It’s so true!

    The blanket looks so warm and cuddly — I’m very jealous of your ability to knit while reading, too.

  10. melanie on

    What a beautiful blanket!
    What’s the name of the stitch?

  11. Jodi on

    I love the texture and the cheerful color! Those cats are just too much. 🙂

    I wish I were better at knitting while reading . Stockinette’s about all I can handle, and even that’s only if I’m using a book stand.

  12. Sourire11 on

    That kitten pose is amazing!!! Pretty blanket, too. Good use for handspun.

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