I made a vest, and I really like it. Who knew?

True confessions: in junior high, I loved vests. I wore them often, and I did not, I now realize, wear them well. I had a store-bought crocheted one, one that looked like a carpet bag (but it zipped so that was cool, cough, cough), a green suede one that was my mom’s, and really might have been spectacular had it not stood out a few inches from my shoulders. And those are the highlights. Since then, I’ve been a bit leery of the vest. But when I made DH’s vest last fall and he totally rocked the look, I decided that I would give it a try too. Plus, wow do sweaters go fast when there are no sleeves involved.

This, then, is Mona Schmidt’s Tweedy Vest (Rav link). A nifty rib that is quite textured and fun to knit. I highly recommend this pattern, if for nothing more than the short row neckline that makes for a great fit. And just in case anyone has a fantastically scary memory, I did cast on for the Stephanie Japel Fitted Knits vest last fall, but after a little Ravelry browsing decided I didn’t really like the shape.

Zippity-do-dah for the tubular bind off! And my secret–for some reason, it’s much better if I do it with the wrong side facing.


PS Even think the words “sexy librarian” and I will cry! Or throw one of the c. 100 library books in my office in your general direction… this means you, DH 😉

PPS I’ve been awful about responding to comments. I’m sorry. Fresh slate from here on out, ok? Or you can throw books at me too. Hardcover, even.


11 comments so far

  1. julieanne on

    We used to laugh at the sweater vests, because all the Bible teachers in high school wore them. I’m working on the U neck one currently, and I hope I like it! I’m also being drawn in by the no sleeves thing. Looks good!

    P.S. I saw someone at the mall the other day that looked like you. My mom noticed it too! It was crazy.

  2. gerald on

    That is a wonderful vest! I’ll have to try to tubular bind-off.

  3. Jacki on

    The vest looks awesome. I never wear them, but as I’ve yet to knit a sweater, it may be a good thing to start with to prod me in the general direction of knitting things that are not hats or socks.

  4. carla on

    Very nice! I think a vests and fine-gauge sweaters might be my solution to not-really-cold winters. And vests sure are faster!

  5. Julie on

    It looks fantastic!! I also have a secret love of vests, yet haven’t got around to knitting one yet. Yours is certianly inspiring, though!

  6. Kara on

    You are adorable! The vest is just perfect. I love the subtle color changes in it. And let the secret out, love your vest and be proud!

  7. Jill P. aka oboegoddess on

    Looks great on you! It has a really nice shape and the subtle color in your blouse frames the piece so well.

  8. Bria on

    Hey now! There is nothing wrong with the “sexy librarian” look! 😉

    By the way, the vest is beautiful!

  9. DH on

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  10. Erin on

    I love vests, however I too did not always know how to wear them. You have clearly grown out of that phase. It looks beautiful!

  11. Siga on

    This vest looks great! I’ve been in a vest-knitting mood for a while now…

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