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Mom’s purses (i.e., creative insanity is heredity part II)


Those of you who have been around for awhile (and I mean awhile!) may recall that my mom makes purses. Lots of purses. Amazing purses! She brought the newest batch for me to see, and I knew I had to show you all too. I thought it would be a great eye candy Friday! Mmm, I know which three I want…


Mashup KAL!

There have been a lot of cool things that I’ve experienced since becoming a blogger, but this has to be one of the coolest. A little while ago Stella of A Cold Bright Day in April and I discovered that we were born just days apart. That’s pretty cool.

Then we discovered via her blogiversary contest that we were both thinking of doing a mashup of Road to Golden and Venezia (rav links). That’s way cool and a leeeetle bit scary–in a good way.

Then, we discovered that not only were we sharing a brain about patterns, we’d even picked the same colors of greens and browns (Project Spectrum appropriate, also by coincidence in my case. You too, CBD?). That’s just downright scary, and so far beyond cool. I was sending her an email describing my plan while she was posting about hers. I think it’s time for another neenerneener.*

A few years ago I knit a tote bag for my mom out of these colors (K’picks WotA in chocolate and asparagus) and had some left over. I had drawn up my own brocade-ish chart and done stranded knitting for the tote–no pictures, sorry!–and when I finally admitted I couldn’t let myself do Venezia, I started toying with the idea of using that chart with these colors for a sweater. I had to order a few skeins of the chocolate, and we’ll see if that will work! I’m not using the same stitch count or needle size as I did for my Road to Golden, just knitting it to the same size.

I started the sleeves tonight. I am always amazed that the “easy” knitting takes forever, but the “hard” stuff goes by before I can really enjoy it.

I’m as jazzed about this project as I could be, and would like to thank my better-knitting-half for the inspiration to get it out of my head and onto the needles. See you on sleeve island, I hope!


*Twilight Zone music again, that’s deedoodeedoo for some of you. 😉

House shoes–a story of hope lost, self-discovery, and ultimate fulfillment

It has probably been apparent to everyone but me for quite some time that my knitterly discussions tend toward the narrative. I was lax about blogging technique, needles, and yarn information even before Ravelry, but such a superb organizational system has freed me from any guilt I might have felt in that regard. (That tagline “everything is tangential” is not just flippancy, you know.)

Today, however, my tale is brief: Grandma wanted slippers–but since we’re talking about my grandma I suppose it is only appropriate that we call them “house shoes” as she does–and I made some for her.

Well, I suppose there is more to it than that. I made a pair for her last winter, and they were so ooogly that I never wanted to make another pair of house shoes in my life.


I know, it’s frightening. Grandma must have been fine with them, though, because she wanted another pair this year. I crocheted a pair, laughably oogly (see below), and gave up. Sorry, Grandma, you’ll have to go to Bell’s.


The two different colors are because I was experimenting with cheap yarn. But it does add to the overall oogly factor quite nicely, don’t you think?


Then I found these, and since then my life has been all blue skies and rainbows. (Oh, come on, like I could ever disappoint my grandma!)


Seriously, though, I love them. A creative and clever pattern, and a great use for stray skeins. I have a feeling that everyone I know is getting a pair for some occasion or another this year. Graduating from college? House shoes! Moving? House shoes! Getting married? House shoes! Being related to me? House shoes!


They even look a little bit like real shoes (outside shoes? out-of-house shoes? ), thus bringing the “house shoe” concept to even fuller fulfillment than I could have ever hoped or dreamed.


(I wonder if Grandma’s noticed that they look like jet skis when flat? Probably.)


Oh, and I made a pair for me too.


My Rav details here and here. But, um, don’t expect needle sizes or anything


So I guess I did manage to make a story out of house shoes.

And obviously I am highly entertaining in real life as well.

ETA: DH, upon reading this post: “You know, if people didn’t know you and they read your blog they might think you were sweet and nice.”

Meet Otis

I bet you’ve never seen one of these before! It’s this great pattern called Clapotis! You should try it.


Ok, jokes aside, this really is a great pattern for crazy yarns like these that I dyed a little while back. Just take a gander at the pre-block back.


I didn’t plan it when I dyed the yarn, but it ended being a great fit for this project, and for the intended recipient. I’d been stirring the idea of making something for a friend of mine who’s recently experienced a few life-altering events and when I started knitting this, I knew the cheer and vitality of the project were perfect for her. We are kindred spirits in many ways, but there are other things that will always keep us a little distant (mostly those professional things that are unfortunate only in cases like these). So I’ve been hesitant to knit for her. You never know how people will respond to a gift like that, and I dread the thought of forcing someone to accept something they feel obligated to take.


That being said, her reaction was amazing. We were standing at the bus stop talking, and before her bus came I slipped her the bag. Before she even looked inside she said, “But I’ve never done anything for you!” That is so far the opposite of true I just laughed.


Anyway, she cried when she saw it. There aren’t enough stitches in the world for people like that.


And just so you don’t think I’ve gone all soft on you, here is oblivi-Vince, who apparently didn’t realize that he was wearing the evidence that he’d been into my cut-straw stitch markers (did you need more evidence that I’m rather tight-fisted? Actually they’re great)…




And a teaser! My Shocking! skirt, the colors of which are so shocking I’m making you wait for the debut. Anybody got any elastic lying around


edited 4/6 for clarity