Meet Otis

I bet you’ve never seen one of these before! It’s this great pattern called Clapotis! You should try it.


Ok, jokes aside, this really is a great pattern for crazy yarns like these that I dyed a little while back. Just take a gander at the pre-block back.


I didn’t plan it when I dyed the yarn, but it ended being a great fit for this project, and for the intended recipient. I’d been stirring the idea of making something for a friend of mine who’s recently experienced a few life-altering events and when I started knitting this, I knew the cheer and vitality of the project were perfect for her. We are kindred spirits in many ways, but there are other things that will always keep us a little distant (mostly those professional things that are unfortunate only in cases like these). So I’ve been hesitant to knit for her. You never know how people will respond to a gift like that, and I dread the thought of forcing someone to accept something they feel obligated to take.


That being said, her reaction was amazing. We were standing at the bus stop talking, and before her bus came I slipped her the bag. Before she even looked inside she said, “But I’ve never done anything for you!” That is so far the opposite of true I just laughed.


Anyway, she cried when she saw it. There aren’t enough stitches in the world for people like that.


And just so you don’t think I’ve gone all soft on you, here is oblivi-Vince, who apparently didn’t realize that he was wearing the evidence that he’d been into my cut-straw stitch markers (did you need more evidence that I’m rather tight-fisted? Actually they’re great)…




And a teaser! My Shocking! skirt, the colors of which are so shocking I’m making you wait for the debut. Anybody got any elastic lying around


edited 4/6 for clarity


8 comments so far

  1. Peacock Chic on

    wow what a great friend you are!! I am so happy when people understand that knits are made with love and you are not only wrapping them in stitches but that feeling as well.

    All mushiness aside. I think the cut straw stitch markers are a great idea and hilarious on your cat!

  2. Jodi on

    What a beautiful Clapotis (great showcase for the yarn), and what a thoughtful gift. It sounds like it was appreciated. People don’t always realize how much they mean to you.

  3. k on

    if only your cat knew he wasn’t as cool as he was trying to act! great pics. the clapotis turned out very nice – never seen one of those before (teehee!). seriously, looks good – great colours.

  4. Jill P. aka oboegoddess on

    today must be funny kitty day… I’m totally going to copy your straw markers idea.

    I’m so excited to see what you did with that dyed yarn… If I remember correctly, that post was the first time I visited/commmented on your blog. That was a nice choice of pattern. You’ve got great yarny instincts.

  5. Julie on

    Oh, Otis is just adorable!!! And your Clap is stunning, the bright colours are perfect for it.

  6. Stella on

    “There aren’t enough stitches in the world for people like that.”

    Hear, hear. That’s a lovely Otis if ever I saw one. I’m so glad the recipient thought so as well.

    I love the cut-straw idea… I use those foamy pencil grip things, cut into slices. They’re soft, bright and cheap.

  7. Kara on

    Oh, you are a true friend. I love the ole’ clap. It is such a great pattern to share.

    And you are such a skirt tease, I love it!

  8. sourire11 on

    Beautiful Clapotis! And I’m glad it was well received – It’s such a good feeling to give an appreciated handknit.

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