Mashup KAL!

There have been a lot of cool things that I’ve experienced since becoming a blogger, but this has to be one of the coolest. A little while ago Stella of A Cold Bright Day in April and I discovered that we were born just days apart. That’s pretty cool.

Then we discovered via her blogiversary contest that we were both thinking of doing a mashup of Road to Golden and Venezia (rav links). That’s way cool and a leeeetle bit scary–in a good way.

Then, we discovered that not only were we sharing a brain about patterns, we’d even picked the same colors of greens and browns (Project Spectrum appropriate, also by coincidence in my case. You too, CBD?). That’s just downright scary, and so far beyond cool. I was sending her an email describing my plan while she was posting about hers. I think it’s time for another neenerneener.*

A few years ago I knit a tote bag for my mom out of these colors (K’picks WotA in chocolate and asparagus) and had some left over. I had drawn up my own brocade-ish chart and done stranded knitting for the tote–no pictures, sorry!–and when I finally admitted I couldn’t let myself do Venezia, I started toying with the idea of using that chart with these colors for a sweater. I had to order a few skeins of the chocolate, and we’ll see if that will work! I’m not using the same stitch count or needle size as I did for my Road to Golden, just knitting it to the same size.

I started the sleeves tonight. I am always amazed that the “easy” knitting takes forever, but the “hard” stuff goes by before I can really enjoy it.

I’m as jazzed about this project as I could be, and would like to thank my better-knitting-half for the inspiration to get it out of my head and onto the needles. See you on sleeve island, I hope!


*Twilight Zone music again, that’s deedoodeedoo for some of you. 😉


8 comments so far

  1. carla on


  2. Stella on

    YAY! Knitting twins! Although oly moly, woman, you’ve raced right past me. I do have one sleeve done, but still a good bit of body left to go…

    (And yes, the timing with project spectrum was a fortuitous coincidence on my part as well.)

  3. Kara on


  4. Julie on

    Hahah! That is quite the coincedence. But hey, great mind think alike, right?? Can’t wait to see the mash up!

  5. jborders on

    Ooh, that sweater is going to look great! I queued Road of Golden ages ago and keep putting off the yarn purchase. Can’t wait to see the Venezia incarnation!

  6. Erin on

    Oh my that sweater is going to be beautiful. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  7. peacockchic on

    Oh man!! That looks great. Can’t wait to see the Road to Venezia…the Golden Venezia…the…ummm…cool looking sweater :O)

  8. Courtney on

    That is really fantastic and bizarre! Love the sweater1

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