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What I’ve been up to

More travel! If I were reading my blog I would begin to think I lived a rather charmed life. And I would be right in many regards, although the past year has been quite exceptional in the amount of the world I’ve seen. Not only did I get to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing Switzerland (and Ireland), but I also finally got to go to New England. Ok, who am I kidding? I’m in Maine right now!

And last week I was in New Hampshire and Vermont. I am thrilled to say that they were both as beautiful as I’d always hoped. I have never before felt as immediately comfortable in a town as I did when I was in Hanover, NH. Although I have spent the last eight years in cities, I remain devoted to the country and found New England to be an enchanting mix of both. This circumstance is especially fortunate, given the reason for our trip was for job interviews of a sort for DH.

DSC07215.JPGview from the hotel room in Lebanon, NH


on the road between Hanover, NH, and Burlington, VT

From holidays 2008

From holidays 2008
From holidays 2008
From holidays 2008

more Burlington, for good measure

Then there is the fact that the 14 inches of snow that dumped on Vermont while we were there confirmed to me that my decision to become a knitter was a prophetic move indeed (which reminds me: have I ever told you why I started knitting in the first place? DH loves football and loves watching football on TV, and I can’t even make it through a sitcom without a project. Makes me wonder about you all–what were the circumstances that led you down the dark alley of string addiction?).


I wanted to show you my proud display of knits–hat, scarf, gloves–in the holiday wonderland that is Church Street Market in Burlington, Vermont. I hope that you will please excuse the somewhat disturbing facelessness!


Another sighting in the wild–this Road to Golden was seen (on me) at the Skinny Pancake in Burlington, and that, my friends, is an apple and brie crepe. (I could describe it for you, but I hope you will get the chance to experience such goodness for yourself. Plus I am very full from another excellent meal at the moment and I don’t know that my senses can handle reliving this particular taste bud enchantment at the moment.)

Photo 137.jpg

These are the gloves I started for this trip. Thankfully one of the hotels had a sewing kit that included needles to sew in the ends, because these went much faster than I expected! The yarn is leftovers that I crock pot dyed with food coloring last winter. I’m quite pleased with these, except as you can see they are already heading down the path of pill after only a week of wear.

Photo 138.jpg

I do thoroughly enjoy commemorating days and events with knits like this. These will forever be my Vermont gloves. Does anyone else do this?


Now with real content!

I’ve intimated before that I enjoy deadline knitting, and this year is no exception. This year I added an extra twist: I decided to knit-bomb my brother and sister-in-law.

After last year’s rather pathetic request for socks for Christmas, the ammo for the first attack seemed obvious (Lion Brand Simple Stripes on the left for her, and Trekking Natura on the right for him):


And then, it seemed logical to instensify the strike with a personal wintertime favorite, the Handknit Holiday Log Cabin socks. (These are the fourth and fifth times I’ve made this pattern.)


But I’ve read The Art of War. I know I can’t depend on one strategy alone. So next I moved to scarves. This move was inevitable, given the shameful pilled state of the last scarf I made for my bro. His is on the left, made from Cascade 128, and hers is Arcuania Nature Cotton. You’ve heard this before, but it looks much better in real life. The colors are richer, and the plain garter texture looks like pebbles in the bottom of a stream (sorry, didn’t mean to go all poetic on you in the heat of battle).


The final stage took some thinking. I unvented a cabled hat for the bro–and was immediately commissioned for another by the DH.


Sad to say, there were casualties in the hat process. After an intital foray into hatting, I tried again to knit Veronik Avery’s Short Row Hat. This is the second time I’ve been about halfway done and not been able to stomach it. Why? It’s a great pattern, but I can only conclude it requires the absolute perfect yarn, and this ain’t it. But I ended up doing a simple brioche stitch hat (from Weekend Knitting, I think? Thank you, Melanie Falick!) and I’m quite pleased with the result. And, as you might guess from my last post, it was way too much fun to knit.

(The yarns are leftover Rowan Yorkshire Tweed and Ella Rae Jaspe. The boy hat is also from Cascade 128).





Let the twelve days of Christmas begin–my knitting’s in the mail!

The more things change…


Old excuse for not blogging:

7am- get up and work on candidacy exam

12 am- stop working, go to bed

New excuse for not blogging:

7pm on Thursday- CO hat for SIL

7pm on Friday- BO hat for SIL

Anyone else with me?

(PS Christmas knitting is done! That’s what happens when the recipients live 2+ weeks away by post. Real update with late-night pictures coming soon!)