The more things change…


Old excuse for not blogging:

7am- get up and work on candidacy exam

12 am- stop working, go to bed

New excuse for not blogging:

7pm on Thursday- CO hat for SIL

7pm on Friday- BO hat for SIL

Anyone else with me?

(PS Christmas knitting is done! That’s what happens when the recipients live 2+ weeks away by post. Real update with late-night pictures coming soon!)


5 comments so far

  1. Jodi on

    Congrats on finishing up the hat and the Christmas knitting! I’m still chugging away. 🙂

  2. Julie on

    What an awesome hat!! I love the colours you chose. I hear you on the non-blogging front- I went all of November and didn’t blog once….

  3. rose on

    the best kind of time consumer! i love that yarn…

  4. Octopus Knits on

    Great hat! Is that brioche stitch?

  5. […] kind enough to like what I make and may have recently been involved in a felting debacle with the last hat I knit for her. I did what anyone in a similar situation would do: headed off to buy some acrylic! […]

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