Sula of Green Gables

I haven’t thought about Anne of Green Gables in a long time. I never watched the TV show or whatever it was, but I did love the books. Anne was such a lovable heroine, so earnest and passionate. I know I certainly felt myself to be a kindred spirit with her. Anyone else?

Speaking of people I love (precipitous segue alert!), it was a happy circumstance to run across the Green Gables (rav link) pattern near about the same time I decided to knit my SIL a sweater for her birthday. She married my brother a year ago tomorrow (Jan. 28), and I love her more every time I see her. Her birthday is in early February, and she and my bro will be in Florida visiting my grandparents from Ireland so I will be able to send them a package for much cheaper than the $95 we paid for their Christmas presents! I should remind her to leave some empty space in her suitcase.

I knew I wouldn’t be making the hood — those cables are too good to cover up — so I thought it might be a good idea to experiment with the pattern before I made the real one. I had almost enough yarn for a red one, thanks to leftovers from Mom’s Christmas sweater of two years ago and a chance encounter on Ravelry. So one week I accidentally made a Green Gable for me, too.

I wore it once at the beginning of November, then it sat until late December when I redid the neck on the way to my parents’ house and wore it to Christmas Eve services. It gave me some fits, but I really enjoy wearing this sweater. I’m praying no one on Ravelry asks me for my mods because true to form I decreased like crazy, closed my eyes, bound off and decided to be happy with whatever I got!

From knits
From knits
From knits

Now, on to the real show: A dear friend was kind enough to share her measurements with me so I could come closer to my SIL’s size (that’s why the pics look a bit messed up, the sweater’s a bit too small sorry!). I did her neck a little bit different so it can be a shawl collar. And after seeing these pics I think I’ll add a few more rows so it has a bit more weight and stays down better. Finished knitting–who knew??

ETA: I just realized that I made matching scarlet and gray sweaters! Help!

From knits
From knits
From knits

8 comments so far

  1. jborders on

    I would have never thought about leaving off the hood. But they look so good with stand-up collars! I hope she loves it!

  2. girlwhoknits on

    How have I not seen this pattern before? Both look beautiful–how could she not love it?

  3. julieanne on

    I hope it fits her! Although, if it doesn’t, I happen to know someone with those measurements that would be willing to take it off your hands. đŸ˜‰

  4. k on

    Wow – you’re a sweater machine! Nice work. And I much-loved Anne when I was younger too – both in the books and the tv series.

  5. yoel on

    The shawl collar looks great!

  6. Kara on

    Where did this pattern come from?! It is so cute. I love your mod. I think that high collar is really lovely. And you are right, shows off the cables perfectly.

  7. Julie on

    Gorgeous!!! I love that cable.

  8. Jodi on

    I love them! Your SIL is going to be thrilled. That cable down the back is just gorgeous. I would do a few more rows to get a true shawl collar.

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