Bags under my eyes

But the good kind of bags, of course! I may have failed girl school (as DH is wont to lament when he has to pick out my shoes before we leave the house), but I shall never be put to shame when it comes to bags. I thought it might be fun to show you some of the ones I’ve made or my mom has made for me recently.

First up, a bag I made for my youngest SIL’s birthday. She loves pink and cute things and I love her. This is the small version of Amy Butler Frenchy Bag pattern, and some fabric from JoAnn’s. That’s about all I remember. I don’t really know if the SIL liked it or not because her discovery of the puppy chow I put inside greatly inhibited further conversation.

From sewing
From sewing
My mom made the next bag. I just happened to be the lucky recipient of her sewing process. It is loud and crazy and I love it. It is also one of those projects that I enjoy because I know where the pieces came from–the body is leftover Amy Butler fabric from a pair of lounge pants, the top is a fat quarter I got for free at a quilt shop, the green piping is from the quilt Mom made for my brother’s wedding. This bag is a perfect size for me, and she put a zipper in the top so I use it often.

From sewing
From sewing
From sewing
And this is my Weekender Bag. The fabric is from JoAnn’s (this bag takes a lot of fabric!). If it looks a little less than crisp in this picture, it’s because I use it often and the interfacing has broken down a bit. It probably would have held up better had I not insisted on stuffing it to the brim nearly every time I pack! I’m glad to see this pattern is still popular, since it is a great bag.
From sewing
From sewing
Last one–my Christmas present from Mom this year. It is Amy Butler’s Betty Shopper, with some modifications. Mom was taken with the pattern from the first, while I found it to be extremely (surprisingly) un-functional. So what did she do? Make it functional for me! She narrowed the wide base a little bit, but the coolest part is that instead of sewing up the top edges to leave just that tiny hole for an opening, she left them open and put a snap on each side. That way the bag’s opening is actually wide enough to see what’s in there. Terribly clever, wouldn’t you say?

From sewing
From sewing
From sewing

2 comments so far

  1. Erin on

    Oh the weekender bag is SO tempting. It just looks so hard! Yours is really stunning.

  2. Kara on

    AMAZING!!! It’s funny, but I bought the Weekender Bag pattern even before I learned how to sew. I just love it! Your other bags are fab!

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