Six months worth of socks

It comes as no surprise when I admit that I have been remiss in blogging. So in one fell swoop, here are most of the socks I’ve made in the past six months (there were a couple of pairs that got away from me before I could snap a shot–sneaky socks! Particularly sad is the absence of a shot of the elf socks I knit for Grandpa for Christmas out of alternating red and green stripes. They were my favorite).


L to R: Panda cotton (for me), Lion Brand Magic Stripes (for SIL), Trekking Natura (for bro), Bernat Denim Style (for Grandpa), and a little peek at another Lion Brand Magic Stripes pair for Grandpa that did eventually get finished and mailed. But refused to be photographed.



I hated knitting these socks–cotton, eh?–but I’ve found that I do enjoy wearing them. The pattern is just bands of knit and purl, and the bind off is a picot BO that I just let curl instead of sewing to the inside. One could choose to see that as lazy, or one could call it inspired.



Grandpa’s February socks, just your plain ol’ acrylic/wool blends


Lorna’s Laces for DH. For some reason I really like these!


for my brother’s birthday. I think I told you all about his apparent love for Lorna and Lorna only when it comes to socks. I actually love it that someone told me exactly what they want in a pair of socks!


Grandpa and Grandma’s January socks–I think these are Bernat Satin or whatever that yarn is called. Slippery, but good for thick socks that will see heavy wash rotation.

Ah, my conscience feels so much better now! I may even be ready to come clean and tell you that today I took the first stitch–knitting or sewing–that I’ve taken in a month!


3 comments so far

  1. k on

    whoa, lots o’ socks. good to see you have been knitting though – was starting to wonder about you!

  2. Kara on

    Sometimes you just need a break. That was my 2008. Now I am crafting like there is no tomorrow! Fab socks, as usual!

  3. Jodi on

    Holy sockville! I think I’d need a break after knitting all of those. They look great, though, and I love the coordinating set of blue/navy socks. That’s one lucky grandpa. 🙂

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