‘Tis a gift to be simple

For those of you who were getting worried, I’m still a knitter. But if you notice sewn goods sneaking in with increasing regularity, it may be because they make such great gifts! Here are a few of the little projects I’ve made in the past little bit.

First up, for the newborn of one of DH’s friends, these cute little baby shoes. I used this cloth baby shoe pattern and think they turned out to be a sweet little present for a little Lily. The only thing I would do different next time is to double my sole material, since I didn’t find the bonded fleece the pattern recommends.

These napkins were for one of my dear friends from college. We lived together, what, three different times? so when she bought a house this January it seemed only right to send her a little housewarming gift. Unfortunately this project was much much cooler in my mind. I envisioned knitting napkin rings out of beads and wire, but I think I bought the wrong kind of wire so I ended up improvising. It’s still cute, although not with the wow factor I intended! I used this napkin tutorial from Purl’s blog, just changing the edge stitch to make it a bit more subtle. Next time I’d make the napkins bigger than recommended. Maybe someday I’ll even be invited to Julie’s house to use these!! 😉

One of the best things about a best friend is when you find yourself totally in sync with something even though you have never really spoken about it. Somehow my two oldest friends are both interested in sewing–you’ve already heard about the one who kicks my butt (quite happily on my part, if that is possible) in quilting, and the other well, she made her twin sister’s wedding dress. From scratch. With no pattern. Yeah…

Anyway, we’re meeting up tomorrow to celebrate our birthdays. She’s 362 (or 363, depending on the year) days older than me, so we always have to make a big deal about the three days a year when we’re the same age. She got a dressform for her birthday so I thought it only appropriate that she have a little wristlet pin cushion, based off of this pin cushion tutorial. Yes, that fabric did serve me well! The pattern calls for velcro, but around here “making” usually means “making do,” so I used a snap leftover from my Rancolidoscope.


5 comments so far

  1. Jodi on

    I think the napkin has the “wow factor” written all over it! What a great gift.

  2. Kara on

    Oh cute! All of it! I love those napkins. I just might have to make myself a set.

  3. k on

    I love the wristlet pincushion – I need one of those! Great to see all your sewing, I really need to get back into it and you are helping with lots of inspiration.

  4. Erin on

    I too have been completely seduced by sewing! Your projects are all looking so great. I am excited to see what else you do.

  5. Jill B. on

    The pincushion is so cute! You’re tempting me with all of this sewing but I don’t think I’ll get sucked in. =)

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