I need to ask: where should go when I’m in Denver tomorrow and Boulder on Monday? I have a couple of hours to kill in the City Center area in Denver tomorrow afternoon and all Sunday evening and most of Monday in Boulder. Any suggestions–yarn, fabric, food, sights? Thanks!


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  1. Jodi on

    I love Boulder! I’m so jealous! The Boulder bookstore is quite nice, and it has a cute coffee shop attached to it. Mtn. Sun is great for hippie food and beer. Denver has a great bookstore, too — Tattered Cover in LoDo. Le Central in Denver serves delicious mussels.

  2. julieanne on

    I have fond memories of Bo Jo’s, which has fabulous pizza. I’ve been to CO twice (that I remember) and we ate there both times. It looks like there’s one in Boulder. YUM!

  3. girlwhoknits on

    AH! I am reading this a little late. You are probably already out and about–wish I wasn’t working and I would make you hang out with me. In case you are still needing something to do in Denver I would say: Fancy Tiger and the Tattered Cover for shopping. Hope you are having a great time!

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