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Baby is not on board with this!

Why the baby crafting mania? It’s not just me, it’s everywhere!

Well, it could be that babies are special. And that makes it seem extra important to shower them with handmade love.

Or it could be that they can’t object to your half-baked creations. See evidence below.


bunches of sweet and silly hats

DSC01632.JPG copy

Grace’s Christmastime outfit and matching doll


Grace was three weeks old at Halloween, and I’d decided on her costume even before we’d come up with her name. She went as candy corn!



I’ve been accused of hating on Valentine’s Day–patently false! How could I hold anything but the utmost respect for holiday (“holiday,” I would counter if that wouldn’t undermine my argument) that centers around chocolate and the sharing thereof?

DSC02972.JPG copy

Just get a taste of this scrumptious concoction and you’ll have to agree! My SIL stitched it up for Gracie, and since she also gave me the very best present a girl could ever hope to receive* I was able to make some shoes to match this tasteful frock.


Now, whether you are into sewing for babies or not you have to admit that being able to make shoes to match your frock lights up some place deep inside you, doesn’t it. I found inspiration for these here and here (she sells a pattern in her etsy shop) and was pleasantly surprised that my ideas for shape and construction worked with only minor tweaking.  I’m quite certain that I will be making up several pairs of these for the next little girl baby I meet.


Hope your day was full of sweet little things!

*any fans of The Office out there? We were supposed to think it perfectly in character for boring Angela to be excited when she received fabric in the secret Santa exchange. Really I was wishing that family & friends would take note!

Back in Black (or a rather nice navy, as the case may be)

Hi! I’ve missed you!

If you are still out there I certainly don’t deserve you, but I never really did in the first place. If it makes you feel better, in spite of my apparent neglect you have no idea how often I’ve talked to you in my head. I’ve recently come to the conclusion, however, that mental blogging really isn’t all that effective (mental emails? Also disappointingly inefficacious, if you were wondering).

Why did I quit? I had a secret, a secret that consumed me to the point where I couldn’t imagine blogging about anything else, yet I wasn’t so sure how to blog about it. You’ve probably already guessed, because I’m a 20/30-something knitting blogger–and we all know I tain’t writin’ no book–that my “it” turned out to be a she. And a she who is 4 months old today! Surprise!

So I will use this post to recap 2009 in the interest of getting on with 2010. You don’t really have to read all this. Here’s the summary: we had a baby girl! We moved to Boston! This is the only thing I knit for her! Rav details

basketweave blanket

January: We complete our whirlwind tour of New England interviewing for my husband’s upcoming surgical residency with a trip to Boston. I think, Boston’s cold. We leave the city early and drive to Providence to eat fried dough on a frozen beach.

February: I vomit. A lot. I’m pretty much happy that I’m vomiting all day every day because it means we’re having a baby. But really, I’m a worthless sack.

March: I go to Colorado (the Tattered Cover bookstore recommendation was perfect, thanks!). I meet Erin and have a wonderful time eating with her at a strange little diner that was a little obsessed with sliders. Erin? If you’re out there, bring Kara and come see me sometime! We find out we are moving to Boston, courtesy of the match (eh, not worth the click–it’s the national resident matching program, whereby all future doctors apply to their desired programs and then agree to submit their futures–six years in our case–to some computer. I loved it.) We tell our parents about their first grandchild. We find out that my BIL and SIL are expecting six weeks after we are. My MIL has not yet stopped vibrating.

April: Did April even happen? I am still lethargic beyond recognition and not knitting.

May: We go to Boston to find a place to live. Ha. Ha ha ha! But we do, and I only cry a little bit when I write the check. We sell our house. Then we don’t.

June: DH becomes Dr. DH! We pack up our house. He walks at OSU’s graduation, takes off his robe, and we throw the cats in a U-Haul and drive to Boston with my parents to help us move.We sell our house, for real this time.

July: I’m a research fellow at the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester. Best scholarly month of my life. My grandfather passes away after an extended illness. I can’t quite bring myself to write about him, here in the midst of my glib gabbing. But I miss him.

August: I’m vurry pregnant, it’s vurry hot. My mom comes to Boston to help me paint the doors in my slummy apartment, which were all bubblegum pink. One of my college best friends comes to stay for a few days, and does not complain when I drag her out at 10 pm demanding cupcakes. My in-laws visit. I finally win my FIL’s approval: 1) for bearing his heir, and 2) for my meatloaf. Then I open my mouth and lose it again.

September: I sleep. A lot.

October: Gracie* is born! (note: everything after this point is all Grace, all the time). My parents come to meet her.

November: I don’t sleep. At all. My in-laws visit. My nephew is born. I host Thanksgiving. Gracie grows, about a pound a week.

December: My parents and brother and his wife come for Christmas, it’s wonderful. The baby is properly doted upon and might never recover. My in-laws come for New Year’s, and my soon-to-be-BIL becomes my new favorite southern relative. Gracie grows.

Now, I can move on with a clear conscience. Thanks for reading!

(If you were wondering, I have no reason at all to quote AC/DC in this post’s title except that I tend to think in song lyrics and I just changed my blog’s theme. “I know I’m a scummy blogger but look! I had a baby!” was the only other option.)

*Her middle name is Grace. Her first name is way too google-able.