I’ve been accused of hating on Valentine’s Day–patently false! How could I hold anything but the utmost respect for holiday (“holiday,” I would counter if that wouldn’t undermine my argument) that centers around chocolate and the sharing thereof?

DSC02972.JPG copy

Just get a taste of this scrumptious concoction and you’ll have to agree! My SIL stitched it up for Gracie, and since she also gave me the very best present a girl could ever hope to receive* I was able to make some shoes to match this tasteful frock.


Now, whether you are into sewing for babies or not you have to admit that being able to make shoes to match your frock lights up some place deep inside you, doesn’t it. I found inspiration for these here and here (she sells a pattern in her etsy shop) and was pleasantly surprised that my ideas for shape and construction worked with only minor tweaking.  I’m quite certain that I will be making up several pairs of these for the next little girl baby I meet.


Hope your day was full of sweet little things!

*any fans of The Office out there? We were supposed to think it perfectly in character for boring Angela to be excited when she received fabric in the secret Santa exchange. Really I was wishing that family & friends would take note!


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  1. carla on


  2. Julie on

    awww, so adorable!!!

  3. Jodi on

    So cute! I love the grosgrain ribbon.

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