help! cute has overtaken me!

…and I know it is a disease because not only am I sewing cute things for Gracie, but now I’ve started making cute things for baby boys too! And I feel a bit clever about the whole episode. This is serious.

DSC03422.JPGfor my nephew M: hat is a download from McCalls, onesie is mine, shoes are the cloth baby shoe pattern (told you I love it!)

DSC03426.JPGfor a friend’s new baby boy


4 comments so far

  1. Kara on

    The hat! The tie! The bandanna onesie! Matching booties! So so cute!

  2. Erin on

    The onesie has a tie!!! I love it!

  3. carla on

    That bandana onesie is awesome.

  4. […] shoes) and even tried my own, but I don’t particularly like the fit. I ended up altering my favorite baby shoe pattern to fit her 9-mo.-old feet. I ended up adding just a hair to the sole and top pattern pieces, while […]

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