Today is the first day of the rest of your week

My blog gets unhappy when I start treating it like an FO parade. And since I’ve recently committed to keeping the blog happy, I’ve decided to take a page from these fine bloggers and do a themed post every Monday, wherein I capture the current state of my projects, whatever the state.

I’ve been planning my life by the week these days anyway (does that even make sense? No. Ok.) so in my head this posting schedule is part of one happy cycle of productivity. Laugh now, I understand. If I didn’t get all starry-eyed  at the idea of a new Organizational System I’d be laughing at myself too. But I am nothing if not an eternal giddy optimist when it comes to a System. As long as it is mine, of course, because I am nothing if not stubborn as an ox when it comes to fitting into someone else’s System.

The added bonus is that I am now forced to take bad pictures of my WIPs, instead of being bad at taking pictures of my WIPs. Someday, hopefully soon, I will leave this dim, leaky basement apartment and you will all be amazed at how light and airy my pictures become!

And off we go.

For knitting, I was going to knit two hats for my SIL, who is kind enough to like what I make and may have recently been involved in a felting debacle with the last hat I knit for her. I did what anyone in a similar situation would do: headed off to buy some acrylic! But my grandmother (she of house shoe fame, not the recent sock recipient) is in a nursing home for a bit, and so I am going to try my hand yet again at some crocheted house shoes again. I know, I know! Giddy optimist, remember? So the goal is one hat and at least one shoe.


Sewing-wise, I set out to sew a shirt that has been cut out for almost two years now. Fresh to sewing in the summer of 2008, I made three muslins and many adjustments to the pattern to get the fit I thought I wanted for this shirt. I think in my enthusiasm I maybe over fit it a little bit. And I certainly did a poor job cutting, as I discovered an unintentional center back seam this morning. Grr. Then I ran out of white thread.


Which means back to the drawing board, and my fallback position is…cutting out another pair of Jalie jeans. My sewing friend is coming over on Friday and I’d like to have something well underway for our session.

And oh, what a fine week it shall be! What are your plans?


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  1. Jodi on

    What wonderful news! So excited for you. 🙂

  2. Jodi on

    Oops! I wrote that comment on the wrong post… sorry about that.

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