Baby sun hat pattern


This pattern has been MOVED to our new home!

Stop on by!

Aug. 2010: and check out the new baby sunbonnet pattern while you are there!

From sew for baby

6 comments so far

  1. Erin on

    Oh my goodness…this is so adorable! What a great baby gift too. Well done.

  2. Kara on

    Adorbs! I have a feeling a certain niece-to-be will be wearing one.

  3. Jodi on

    Super cute! Thanks for writing up and sharing the pattern.

  4. Penny on

    Hello, What a cute hat!!! I want to make some for my granddaughter. When I print the pattern, I can’t get the whole pattern piece to print on the page. The bottom section does not print. Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong or how I can get the whole pattern to print? Thank you very much.

  5. Sourire11 on

    Thank you so much for sharing the pattern! I’m just getting started sewing… Currently I’m a bit obsessed with pillowcase dresses and this hat would go perfectly with them!

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