Because I’m certainly not going to shut up

All this talk about the Jalie jeans and I still haven’t shown you mine! And I finished a new shirt!

I’m short on words today, but the short of it is that I love these jeans. These were supposed to be a test pair (thus my nickname on the rear. I mean seriously, who DOES that??), but they fit right out of the envelope. I’ve since made a pair of cords with this pattern and have two more denim pairs cut out and waiting to be sewn.

My thoughts:

-finish every seam. Serge (I wish), zigzag, pinking, whatever. You’ll wear these enough to merit it.

-take your time on the pocket topstitching. I’ll show you my method for symmetrical topstitching when I get around to making my next pair.

-look through the pattern first and plan to minimize rethreading your machine for the topstitching, especially at the beginning.

-if you were worried about how they’d wear, these have been in heavy rotation since January and quickly acquired that worn look (let’s call it patina, shall we?) that non-sewists pay the big bucks to find.

Ok, the shirt is view B from New Look 6407. This pattern was one of my first sewing projects back in the summer of 2008, and in my new sewer bliss I made 3.5 muslins to get the fit right. (I must not have blogged about it! I’ll have to go find it and take a picture.) Anyway, I was so pleased with myself that I immediately cut out another one. And proceeded to not make it for almost two years. Go me! But in the interest of clearing out the backlog, I pulled it out a few weeks ago and was delighted to find not only had I not cut out all the pieces, but I’d unintentionally added a seam to the center back. Go me, again! And the fit wasn’t as spot-on as I’d thought (either that or having a baby changes your figure or something. They used to be up there!). But it’s done and I’m happy. The white sleeves were the pieces I had to scrounge for and I like the effect. Wish I’d messed up cutting the collar too!


I’d like to make a khaki skirt as well as a pair of dark brown linen loose capris to wear with this shirt this spring & summer.


yikes! Center back seam because I didn’t cut on the fold.


*The title of the post is because I’m still laughing about this post on Ann’s Gorgeous Fabrics’ blog. No, I’ve never seen that movie, but I look kind of like a zombie in that last picture, so I’m breaking my no face rule. You didn’t recognize me anyway, did you?

PS Not so short on words after all, hmm?


2 comments so far

  1. Kara on

    Woah. Cannot even believe the skills in these pictures! You made jeans. That blows my mind. And they look AMAZING! And so does your top. I love that plaid fabric. It is such a cute combo. No one would even suspect it was all home made.

  2. girlwhoknits on

    I am with Kara (and totally late to the party.) You made jeans AND they look great. I am in awe.

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