Jeans day 3: DONE!

I’ll wear ’em for you and get modeled pics tomorrow.

Final count–
day 1: 2 hours
day 2: a little over 1 hour
day 3: 2 hours



5 comments so far

  1. Kara on

    Crazy cool.

  2. carla on

    You’re a rockstar!

    And you’re kind of getting in my head. I swear this morning I was thinking, “maybe I should make some jeans.”

  3. k on

    yup, i want to see modeled pics, but they are looking pretty darn good.

  4. CGCouture on

    Oooh! I can’t wait to see the modeled pictures! I plan to start on my jeans tonight…I’m pretty nervous.

  5. julieanne on

    Dude. Those are awesome. Please take photos of your rear and plaster them on the internet. 🙂 Also, I plan to work on mine this weekend, and maybe get them finished. *crosses fingers*
    Or, you could just come on down here and fix them for me. 🙂

    Also, from your previous post, “eee! Baby feet!!” *tickles them*

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