I’m not really here (but I’m not all there, either)

Cheekiness aside, sorry for missing all of your comments!

Last week I was in the land of dial up internet and no cell phone service (aka, rural Ohio), this week I’m back in Boston, next week we close on our condo on Monday and leave for my SIL’s wedding on Tuesday, and the week after that we move. So you can see that my title refers to my physical status in addition to my mental state. I really am neither here nor there (anybody else singing “The Grand Old Duke of York” in your head right now? “And when they’re up, they’re up. And when they’re down, they’re down. And when they’re only halfway up they’re neither up or down”).

The scariest part is, what if this is my new normal?

But look! I’ve finally gotten around to posting pictures of Gracie’s Easter outfit!

DSC04519.JPG copy copy

The story is brief: I wanted to make a sweater for her out of this reclaimed yarn (no pattern, just a simple raglan), which happened to match this gifted fabric perfectly. I used view B of Butterick 3782, and contented myself with only a small amount of being put out with pattern makers who believe that a baby’s weight is the only measurement that matters. To make up for it I indulged in a little bit of self-righteous disgust that the inside finishing was so incomplete and lined the entire dress.


Then I made these shoes, which were indeed easy and foolproof. Sorry I didn’t get a good shot of those. Grace is moving too fast for my camera these days.

And, since I made a sweater it ended up being hot on Easter so I made a romper with bloomers, too. Very easy–look for my romper tutorial soon (or maybe in June sometime).

Thanks for stopping by!

DSC04582.JPG copy


5 comments so far

  1. Kara on

    Oh my goodness. I love home-made Easter dresses. That is what my mom used to do for all of us growing up. That romper is ridiculously cute. Can’t wait for the tutorial. I have a darling new niece that would look so cute in it!

  2. k on

    sweet little dress – reminds me of the ones my mom used to make for my niece (and possibly for me, way back when?).

  3. Jodi on

    CUTE! I’m so impressed that you just rocked the raglan sweater without a pattern. Gracie’s the best-dressed baby around.

    Good luck with your hectic schedule, and congrats on the condo!

  4. Octopus Knits on

    Oooo, all the clothes are super cute! Hope things calm down for you soon 🙂

  5. […] 1: I made her a dress and matching sweater for Easter. Then I found out it way going to be 80 degrees on Easter Sunday. I used the weather as […]

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