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I’m moving in with my mother.

I finally talked my mother into sharing her unbelievable creativity with the world! She’s started an Etsy shop and I connived a blog out of her too. And since we are now living long distance but still talk about our projects all the time, it seems only fitting that we share our virtual creative space (and this way we won’t get our fabric stashes confused. Oh, wait, I would totally benefit from that. Dagnabit). So I’m moving in to my mother’s…blog.

Please drop by to say hello! Sorry in advance for the hassle if you deem it worth your while to update your feeds. 😉

I was going to wax an elephant for a moment here, on my last sulala post, but I’ll just say this: thanks. Even after I thought I’d quit with blogging, I found myself thinking about my readers, the blogs that I read, and the projects I’d seen. No matter how many “official” sites there are out there, I nearly always choose a blog for knitting and sewing patterns, for ideas for babies, and cripes, let’s be honest–for humor at 3 am when I haven’t slept in a few days. Not to mention that blogs were a lovely human connection when I didn’t know a soul in my new state except the squatter who lived beneath our dumpy apartment.

I’m learning how to be fulfilled with making do, and a lot of that has to do with the glimpses of the fabulous lives I watch you all leading and writing about–fabulous not because they are magazine-spread worthy (or maybe they are, for example if this is your bedroom rug), but because they are yours and you are thoughtful enough to share them.

And I promise to continue my long, confusing, parenthetical sentence structure no matter what my URL my be.

PS. Still working on the tutorial T-shirt romper. I’d like to update the horrendous pictures! In the meantime, have you seen Dana’s 90 minute shirt that uses similar techniques? Check her out!