A new mom to my cutie pie daughter, writing a dissertation on early American sacred music in five minute increments, living in Boston’s South End with my husband while he completes his surgical residency. Must have my hands busy at all times (which explains the knitting and sewing), a believer and a prayer (hmmm, what exactly do you call one who prays?) and a slave to the possibilities of the parenthetical thought (but you already figured that out by now).

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  1. Sarah Jones on

    One of my knitting friends sent me a link your blog; you have great things here and I’m getting inspired to try your swirl socks! I have thus far only done very basic, top-down socks, but now it is time to try something new. I also love the cat pictures; I have a big orange one too, named William, and a little orange&white one named Jean-luc. They both love yarn almost as much as I do!
    Thanks for sharing your creative endeavors!

  2. sallie on

    Hi there,
    I just returned from market and got you a new hank of Louet. It’s not the same DL but I hope that’s okay.
    See you soon.
    Sallie from Knitters Mercantile

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